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  1. Monday's First Round Games Upper Bracket 11:00 am - Dixie vs. Newport 1:00 pm - Holy Cross vs. Conner Lower Bracket 3:00 pm - Cov Cath vs. Bellevue 5:00 pm - Boone Co. vs. St. Henry * Good Luck to all teams !!! :banana:
  2. TOG - One last change on the Holy Cross roster if you want to make the change. Correct spelling is Blake TIBERI not Tibeary. Thanks for making this change. I also agree with the Old Pioneer - great job on the broadcast the other night.
  3. These 2 teams have played 4 times already this year with each team winning twice. 3 of the games were decided by 1 run with Cov Cath winning 6-5 and 1-0 (District Seed game) and Holy Cross winning 6-5 (Doc Morris Tourney) and 7-2 (Coach Conner Classic Tourney Final). This should be another close well played game.
  4. I believe he threw last night against Holmes.
  5. Is there any doubt Cov Cath throws Warning ?
  6. Holy Cross actually has 4 seniors on the roster, but 2 do not play very much at all. Roenker and Egan are the 2 seniors that start. They are very young and should be good for the next couple years.
  7. There are 2 Cain's that play for NCC this year. One pitches on JV and the other Varsity.
  8. It will be either Roenker or Ritter. Johnson has zero chance to start this game.
  9. Today's Schedule: Ryle at Scott - 5:00 pm Conner at Cooper - 5:00 pm Beechwood at Bellevue (Bellevue Vets) - 5:00 pm (game not played yesterday) winner vs. Cov Cath Holy Cross at NCC (Morscher Park) - 5:00 pm * Good luck to all remaining teams.
  10. Holy Cross beat Campbell Co. tonight 6-2. Holy Cross vs. NCC tomorrow at Morscher at 5:00.
  11. Campbell Co. / Holy Cross - JV Tourney game for tonight has been cancelled. Will be played tomorrow (5/18) - 7:15 pm at Meinken.
  12. With all the rain these will likely get pushed back till tomorrow but here is the current schedule. Lloyd at Ryle - 5:00 pm Simon Kenton at Scott - 5:00 pm Conner at Boone Co. - 5:00 pm Beechwood at Bellevue (Bellevue Vets) - 5:00 pm Cov Cath at Dayton - 5:00 pm Campbell Co. at Holy Cross (Meinken) - 7:15 pm NCC at Brossart (St. Mary's) - 5:00 pm
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