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  1. Fern Creek will have, Hynes, Welch, McNeal & Smith all returning on offense. I dont know who else is back but those four can score a bunch of points!
  2. The entire "Top 10 Players" concept is a farse anyway. How do you put a linemen against a QB and rate them? Unless the poll is by position the only thing you can go on is how much interest they get from D1 schools, its not apples to apples when comparing kids because they play different positions. We could have the best punter in the country in KY but if all he does is punt I promise he would not make a "Top 10" list. Rating kids by position is the only ranking that really matters. EDITED FOR CONTENT
  3. I haven't been able to find one, my local Kroger store usually carries it but haven't seen it there yet and have been checking weekly.
  4. hehehehehehhehehe! Imagine me snickering like Marie Laveau (those of you who are old enough to know what I mean anyway)
  5. There will be some BIG surprises from Fern Creek this season. Rest assured I will be here to gloat when they occur!
  6. Each school can have, set by its school counsel, its OWN athletic eligbility policy which supercedes KHSAA bylaws, and for students outside its resides academic policy, entrance standards and performance standard requirement in order for them to remain enrolled. Manual is no exception and since every program there is pretty much optional they take a hard hit in that arena. Consistancy is what is lacking in the JeffCo Public Programs. What it takes for the larger publics to compete the #1, numero uno thing, A coach DEDICATED to STAYING and BUILDING a TOTAL program, an administration willin
  7. Never said FC was great in '06 just said they beat Meade Cty who made it to the Qtr Finals. . By your statement if Fern Creek had been in district 2 in '07 they would have likely lost to Male in the Quarter Finals same place Henry clay got knocked out. How does that prove HC is better? I don't understand your rationale on the NKY district(s). Henry Clay beat one team from District (6) BOONE COUNTY and one team from District (8)that is hardly "owning" any NKY district! I will give you of the teams in District 7 HC would probably be the ONLY team to give L'Ville 6A's a challenge
  8. So then you also know the reason the rest of the state chose not to participate in a playoff system? They couldn't compete with Louisville schools. Go look at the Lit Champions prior to '59 L'Ville schools 14 out of 22 years a L'Ville school was Lit Champion. Tilghman was the ONLY team in the state that ever consistantly competed on the level of the L'Ville schools they won 4 or 5 from the 30's til '59. The teams winning it were pretty much the same as today, except you would exchange Flaget for Trinity and Manual was maybe stronger.
  9. Fern Creek beat Meade County who was ranked in the top 10 at the time last season, They also beat them the prior year not sure if they were ranked or not at the time but Meade County was in the quarterfinals in both '06 and '07. And LOST their first game to Fern Creek BOTH years. So which is it, Meade County has an exceedingly EASY road to the quarterfinals and is way overrated all season or Fern Creek is a better team? You tell me! Furthermore if youre referring to Central as the 3A team. You are correct that they are a very good team, however they would have difficulty putting up
  10. Actually meant any PUBLIC schools from Lexington, for the purposes of this thread I am excluding LexCath as a "Lexington School"
  11. One more thing how did you Henry Clay do in Lexington at the 7 on 7? Not a smart alleck comment I just don't know, I know they were there but hadn't heard. There were three L'Ville teams in the final 8 I know, Fern Creek, Male and Manual. I know Chester and Greenville both made it as well so that is 5. Were any Lexington schools in the other 3?
  12. Go back and read the entire thread please! Fern Creek was an example because its a school I know the most about. I said A JEFFERSON COUNTY SCHOOL and I still believe MOST 6A schools in Jefferson County would win those districts I mentioned, the majority of the time if they were in them. We are talking about Lexington Teams and the MAJORITY of the teams out in the state in 6A I never said their weren't ANY good 6A teams out in the state their are but over the long haul L'Ville teams would come out ahead against Lexington teams and they would do it the majority of the time. And what
  13. To answer my own question. They would lose face losing to a L'Ville public school plain and simple. Lafayette and Dunbar both scheduled Trinity this year but won't schedule a public from L'Ville. I guess they are content to sit back and have their fans/followers speculate on how they would do against L'Ville publics based on the severity of their loss to Trinity, they certainly aren't "expected" to beat Trinity.
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