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  1. I hate to say it, but I honestly think Greenup County wins convincingly, but not in a blowout. Just enough to see there is no doubt who is better.
  2. This is probably Boyd County's last chance at a win since they still have Lawrence County followed by Ashland to finish up this very ugly season.
  3. The Bulldogs' defense is doing very well, but I don't think they'll hold Cross to just 2 TD's. I also don't see the Vikings' defense stopping LC's starting offense at all. Lawrence County just has too many good weapons with a strong offensive line complimented very well with a solid and aggressive defense. This year's Bulldogs football team is what I love about high school football, I just wish it was my Lions that I was enjoying so much.
  4. I have no dubt that Cross is the best athlete in the district, but it will take more than that to beat Lawrence County this year, and I don't think Rowan has enough back up for Cross to pull this game in. Rowan County will score more on the Bulldogs than anyone else has so far, but Lawrence County will likely return the favor on their way to victory and the disteict title.
  5. Greenup wins because they will out caoch Boyd all night.
  6. Fairview looks like the better team coming in, but they have a way of losing to Raceland even when they shouldn't. I'm still going with the Eagles here, but I would by no means call it an upset no matter who wins.
  7. Lawrence County attacks with more weapons than anyone I've seen. They are big, fast, and physical. The only team Greenup has faced that is as good as Lawrence County is Ashland. I hope Greenup County keeps it respectable, but the Bulldogs are still very under rated. The only way anyone has been able to move the ball consistantly is through the air, but still not enough to challenge them. Good luck to both teams.
  8. Congrats to the Bulldogs. I doubt there will be any ties in the district this year. Lawrence County is way ahead of the rest with Rowan County being next. The only question I see is, who finishes last... Boyd County or East Carter? I think Lawrence County goes undefeated in the season and may even get as far as Boyle County before suffering a loss. I've all but forgotten thier record from the last 3 seasons, as they seem to have left it in the past themselves, as well they should have.
  9. Boyd County will not make the defensive adjustments to take care of Cross. The offense should get on the board thiss week, but not near enough to win. The Vikings should have little trouble in this match up. I think they will finish right behind Lawrence County in district play while my Lions look to be bringing up the rear this year, can't win district every year.
  10. 22-0 is a mercy from Ivan. He saw he had us and pulled the starters. Russell was moving the ball at will in the second half, they could've gave us an old fasion beating. Congrats to Russell and a true class act with Ivan McGlone.
  11. Lawrence County is 4a Snappy. A good win over a solid Sheldon Clark team.
  12. Ouch...hope they don't let this get them down, but I doubt Ivan will let that happen.
  13. Well, I guessI underestimated Belfry's D. I'm glad they kept it close. Nice win for the Tomcats.
  14. I'm going with Breathitt County in this game. Should be a great game, one I would like to see Prestonsburg win. I just think BC is the better team this year, the Blackcats can prove me wrong Friday night if they would like.
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