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  1. The wife suprised me with tickets to this local beer tasting tonight. Biggest diaappointment was the Smoked Porter from Stone Brewery (too thin for my taste) and the biggest surprise was the excellent IPA from Ballast Point Brewery. I also liked the Hefe from Rock Bottom Brewery. Unfortunately some of my favorite local breweries were absent from the event: Pizza Port and Lost Abbey. Double Arrogant Bast*** Ale from Stone Brewery is chronic. :isurrender: http://www.sdbeerhistory.org/Home_Page.html
  2. During the webcast the Broadcasters had to frequently direct the clock operator to adjust the time. The Broadcasters refered to the clock operator as "Coach"
  3. Thanks for the updates OR......the webcast feed was horrible. Did the Cville QB spike the ball on fourth down to end the game? That what it sounded like but I could only hear every 4th word of the broadcast.
  4. Ashland 1st and 10 on Ironton 10 1:39 to go
  5. 2:17 to go Tomcat ball on Ironton 17 Ashland 26-12
  6. Go Radio webcast http://www.wgohwugo.com/sports.shtml
  7. We apologise for the fault in the subtitles. Those resposible have been sacked.:popcorn:
  8. I live in San Diego and the 20th death in the county was confirmed this week and we have had over 1,000 confirmed cases. I see this increasing rapidly with the start of the school. In the event of an H1N1 epidemic, transportation out of southern California/Texas (not just Mexico) may be limited.
  9. Chula Vista was awsome last night. As I understand, Merv Rettenmund provided special batting instruction to the league throughout their season.
  10. I sorta fumbled the updates in the 4th quarter. I was trying to eat dinner, watch the LL World Series, listen to the Charger game and do the updates on the BC/Raceland webcast. BUT I did hit the trifecta: Rams won, Chula Vista won and Chargers won. Oh Yeah, dinner was good too.
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