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  1. Simon Kenton? Are you joking? Don't even join the discussion until you've won something or you'll get run out of this thread faster than you got run out of the stadium last year in the finals. Really? Simon Kenton making a claim of any kind even remotely suggesting that it is better than Trinity? Wow!
  2. Coach Glaser talks a good game about "champions in life" and blah blah blah but when he looks in the mirror he sees someone who can't stand the fact that THS, his hated rival, has dominated the big school State Championships for the past 10 years. His hat tipping, I believe, gave all of us a look at the real coach. Game of life speeches play well to the parents and administrators and Glaser isn't the first and only coach to use that line or extend an invitation to help his players as they move forward in life. Congratulations and a tip of the hat to StX.
  3. After the fake field goal TD I saw Coach Glaser race onto the field, take his hat off of his head and raise it, as if to tip it, all the while looking specifically in the direction of Coach Beatty and the THS sideline. I agree that THS never needs additional motivation to prepare for a game against STX, but I do believe that Coach Glaser's gesture was not what you would expect from the head coach at St X. Whatever.
  4. Trinity wins another thriller, this time at Marshal Stadium. Trinity 28 Male 27.
  5. The Rocks are really coming together. Kragthorpe is getting in a groove, looks comfortable now and is making good decisions. The OL and DL play better each week and look to be settling into the personnel needed to win number 5. I see the confidence and leadership emerging too. I really like this team and with the addition of Quick, WOW! Keep improving and by playoffs there will be nothing left of the team that lost 4 of its first 5 games.
  6. This game was much much closer than the score indicates. T threw for well over 300 yards and T's RB had well over 100 yards rushing. The less than 100 yards net rushing for T as a team is due to the negative yardage from the sacks. T was marching to take the lead in the 3rd quarter and then a sophomore fumbled. T started and played many sophomores and juniors and with a little more game experience Trinity will be bettered prepared than last night to win the game.
  7. As usual, Trinity is improving each week. The line play last week was better on both sides of the ball and T found a running back. QB is still work in progress but was improved with no turnovers. St. X as usual is very large and keeps it relatively simple. I think T's early losses pay dividends tomorrow with a win. Score it 17=14.
  8. Trinity D stopped the run and looked real good doing it with gang tackling and hard hitting. The offense found a running back and the QBs gained some confidence. Coach Beatty is so good at finding the right people and putting them in the right spots. It's better to play Trinity early than it is late in the year. Next week ought to be a great game and I would not bet against the Rocks.
  9. Only state championships matter at Trinity, not rankings, not regular season matchups and "what if" winners. At Trinity only the teams that win championships are remembered and revered by the Trinity community.
  10. I'm sure no one, not even the X men, are counting Trinity out. We have all seen it year in and year out how Coach Beatty reinvents the team during the course of the season. He is already at work making changes and we'll see how its going against BG. I think Noe will do very well. He seems to have the swagger needed to play QB at Trinity.
  11. I don't see Trinity winning if big improvement is not made on the defensive side of the ball and at QB. I know the QB play is being addressed and will improve. I'm not sure with the D because it needs to improve basically at every position. We'll see. If the D continues to struggle to even just slow down the running game of the other team, they will have a very short season.
  12. Trinity's 2nd team played more inspired than the 1st group. It appears to me that my hope after the loss to Lawrence North, that the seniors would be part of the solution and not the problem, is not happening. I hope the coaching staff nips the poor attitudes and poor leadership of the senior class in the bud before this next game. Otherwise, 1 and 4 is a certainty with 1 and 5 to follow. I'm never in favor of shelving kids, but poor attitudes and finger pointing can not be tolerated no matter who it is. For the sake of the program bad apples need to go.
  13. I fear that our Rocks are in for a long night based upon what I hear about the Bombers. If the O plays like it did last week I think it could get real ugly real quick. 48-7 St. X.
  14. Trinity's offense will get better as the QB gains experience and it has to get better quick to have any chance to keep next week's game within 4 TDs. Too many sacks, turnovers and penalties to be competitive with a solid team (no matter if its Elder or anyone else). LBer play needs to improve as does overall tackling in order to earn #20. Trinity's getting there and the payoff will be when we return to playing Kentucky 6A teams who are nowhere close to the level of Elder and Cincy St. X this year.
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