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  1. Gotcha on that:thumb: Dermonti wouldnt be too bad to have hanging around Sounds great for BS & Lex FB Woody JR
  2. Anyone, Is he bringing in any other coaches that you know of? Any idea if he favors a particular offense or defense philosophy? Thanx, Woody Jr
  3. I'd suggest you can't call it - if you dont see it ...and you didnt see him. "Suspect" all you want - that doesnt make it so. You dont know anything about the kid so there is no need to take a cheap shot like that. I havent seen anyone from our area belittle any other player across the state that did make that all star team or any other select squad. I'd take Holbrook on ANY team and know that he would make the team a LOT better. Obviously from the MANY comments about the game, KY didnt have enough of that type player did they?? If thats the type of all star that they want - thats the type of all star they get. It's called getting what you deserve. Maybe next year they will consider something besides the height, 40 time, and reputation. The again, they probably won't. So we had a debate about the AP all star team? ...in addition to most every all start squad ever named - your point:confused: You think an all-star team selected by one group is somehow more deserving than another? Woody Jr
  4. Well thats a real classy comment about a youngster you probably dont squat about:madman: Woody Jr
  5. I know you referred to LC as having 1st class facilities. I basically agree with you that it's overkill on the level of spaciousness, etc. I just interpreted the post by dawgs83 as his comment that due to LC's probation, THAT meant it was not "first class." I don't know that the guy was exactly referring to just one of your guys posts? I was simply responding because you seemed to conclude that dawgs83 thought LC was on probation "because" of the lockerrooms - which he did not say (that I could see)? Either way, no big deal - just diff interpretations;) Woody Jr
  6. It will be interesting to see how a fresh face approaches the job. Yes BS has traditionally had some great talent, & especially speed. It would be great for HS football and especially Lex HS FB to get that program back towards the great tradition teams they used to have. They may have as good a history of anyone in the state in terms of producing high caliber players. I wish the coach well:thumb: Woody Jr
  7. I didnt think Beechwood was private?????????? Woody Jr
  8. Knowing the circumstances going in means nothing. It is a completely ridiculous way of deciding a state championship IMO. None of the teams lost a game to put themselves in a bad draw situation. Anyone with common sense can see that it is simply not an equitable situation. This is completely unlike a team traveling long distance to a road game, or a fatique factor due to time between games. I have no connection with any team(s) involved - I just would like to see a balanced situation for all the kids Woody Jr
  9. :thumb: I agree ncf Here in the Northeast corner of KY we had our usual contributon to this years effort - ZERO. Last year was a shock (to me) when they "allowed" more than 1 area player to join the all-star team. They all contributed to the victory and represented themselves and our area well. It's a hopeless argument and unfair to complain about why particular player(s) were not invited. There will ALWAYS be worthy kids overlooked and left off the team but your point is a valid one IMO in that a certain profile of player too frequently gets left off - or conversely we could argue a certain profile gets invited too often. I am confident that we have players in our corner of the state who are worthy and capable of contributing to the team most every year. More importantly, I'm confident our area players overall would consider it an honor to participate and give 110%. Woody Jr
  10. :thumb: Mark Vass is an old Fighting Tiger though so Im guessing all would be forgotten in terms of just having coached elsewhere as a young coach. Now as far as the current chaos.... if Lutz still has an interest I doubt you would find ANY Ironton player/supporter dare apply Woody Jr
  11. One last entry in todays coloring class (couldnt find the black jersey)
  12. Here's a shot of Northwesterns football "purple" tops (I hope) When you look at there all purple unis they look darker (not sure if the jerseys are the same or not) When they wear black jerseys with purple #'s it definitely lokks like a brighter purple. I think part of the problem is similar with maroon - every company is different and even if you buy from the same company but in different years the color mix is not the same & it looks different. Woody Jr
  13. my unprofessional opinion is purple I think NWestern seems to have evolved to a brighter shade of purple???
  14. I could see that. Speed is the name of the game. They will take a fast SS and bulk them up some to LB rather than a big strong guy who is a step slow. Woody Jr
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