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  1. You know he's my favorite! The defense did their job on him tonight, but he was still a HUGE factor in the win. That defines CHAMPION to me!
  2. Okay.... First I would like to say to the Tomcat players and Coaches hold your heads high. You played one heck of a game. I was tore up all day...I just knew this was going to be a close one. Secondly...to the Tomcat fans I met thank you for you kindness and class. I certainly hope it's not the same fans on here complaining. This was a hard fought game and either could have won(and deserved to win). If only both teams could continue into Regional play! The Tomcats gave us all we could handle for four quarters. I think they gave our players something to think about. Now let's use that feeling in our preparations for the Rock. So now I think everybody should realize WE DO HAVE A PASSING GAME! There is one player I would like to take a moment to recognize. #23 TREY BELHASEN... IMO he was the difference maker tonight! He played with incredible heart. He's been a little under the weather and played through it like a champion! We love you Trey! AND HOW 'BOUT THAT TOMMY TAYLOR!! I know you've been waiting for your game all season. You got it tonight! When we needed it the most you stepped and showed what senior champions do!
  3. Grim is a great blocker...just ask Ron Blume....Grim spent most of his sophomore season blocking for him.
  4. You need to take the 1st Paintsville exit(it's a left turn).You will go through three red lights(McDonald's sits on the left @the 3rd)Johnson Central is on the left just through the light. If you are looking for a good parking space I would turn left into the plaza at the 3rd light. There is a large parking area in the center where you can park without fear of being towed. If you park here the quickest way into the stadium is at the lower end of this parking lot(down by Goodwill Ind.)....there is a walk through into the back of the school, right to the stadium.
  5. Wow, I miss one day and TWO threads get closed! Let's try to keep this one open 'til game time.
  6. Any Ashland posters that would like to say hello....come by the T-shirt table before the game and say hello.
  7. I'll get the cheese fries...everyone should try these!
  8. If JC Alumni 76 needs back up on the bill he knows where to find me...I can kick in.
  9. Great win by JC! To all the Boyd Co. fans...I just want to say thanks for a clean game. All the fans I met tonight were very friendly. I enjoyed meeting you...your welcome to come back next week and sit with the eagle section if you like.
  10. I think JCHS has an awesome center....His name is Wes Preston(he's a junior)...He took over at center after the second game of the season I think. I can't tell you how many times Grim has followed him through line for good yardage. In the Ashland game he opened up a whole big enough for a mack truck and Grim used it for one of his many TD's Thanks for the wonderful job you do, Wes!
  11. Grim has 29 TD's ...28 rushing and 1 receiving.
  12. I don't know Johnson's stats, but Grim had 157yrds and 2 TD's. That should put his total rushing yards at 1,927 for the year(if my math is correct).
  13. What are they question him for....stealing Ashlands hope of a repeat of last years game.
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