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  1. Tomcats must show up and play BAD CAT football every play or we might have a fight on our hands to get a win. Tomcats cannot over look the Lions they will be sky high. Good Luck Tomcats play all out all night.
  2. Go Tomcats ,HIT THEM and we come home winners .
  3. That block was Bad Cat material for sure heard the thump up in stands,the hitting continues .I like these Tomcats ,win or lose your going to get HIT. Good win Tomcats ,take a break Tomcats and get for ready for Golden Eagles.:thumb:
  4. Congrats Rams, I knew you guys would get on track, keep playing like a team learn and improve every week . GO RAMS
  5. Right on Greybeard the Tomcat players played their Hearts out and if they keep improving every week we could really make some noise down the road . One game at a time. :thumb: This young bunch of Tomcats are playing like Tomcats of old improving each week.:thumb:
  6. Very special win Tomcats ,going to be hard to pick a BAD CAT this week. Some awesome hitting being put on the Fighting Tigers tonight. Congrats Tomcats from a old Tomcat,you guys played four quarters of BAD CAT FOOTBALL. Good luck Tigers the rest of year and hope you win it all.
  7. Congrats Greenup on a big win ,Carter will make a great wishbone back .He will stick people on defense also.He will need to be rested,I wouldn't worry about playing time. Keep you heads up Rams .
  8. Congrats on a great win Tomcats, a win over Russell is always sweet.(Imo)Alber has alway been the Tomcats best back! It could be ,but honestly the kicking game could kill us in field position.Im just guessing ,has any one seen Ironton play.
  9. Right on Greybread .Tomcats had better suck it up and get ready to play Bad Cat Football. Tomcats improve each game play with speed and more speed and hit we come home winners.(IMO):thumb:
  10. Congrats Tomcats great game,you looked like the Tomcats of the glory years. Rams good luck the rest of year.I wish you a great season.
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