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  1. Noah West is a kid that stood out to me, even among this talented group. He didn't play QB in this game, but he did show a variety of offensive skills. He has size, athleticism, and toughness. East Tennessee State got a steal with him! There are some bigger schools that should be taking a second look at this young man.
  2. Also, KY's first time playing NC.
  3. Garrett Dennis leads KY to scores on their first 2 drives. Kentucky leads 14-0.
  4. If the Award is about who is the best college prospect, you are correct. It is Robinson. I don’t think that is what the award should be about.
  5. I'm definitely biased, but I would vote for Dennis for the following reasons: Strength of schedule - Clearly Male played the more difficult schedule. Production in most difficult games - Dennis' production was better in their most difficult games. Robinson produced in every game, but like almost every player, he produced less against the best teams on his schedule. Team Success - I think team success should matter. (Not the only factor, but certainly something to be considered.) Male 14-1, 6A State Champs. Western Hills 7-4, did not win a playoff game. When it mattered most, Dennis' competitiveness and will to win were incredible.
  6. 5-5 Male 2 state titles in 4 years. St. X - last state title in 2009. Just to be clear, my Tier 1 for next year would be Trinity, Male and St. X.
  7. 2 State Championships in the last four years. 7-3 v. Trinity in the last 10 games.
  8. You are correct. It is a lottery system. If you don't get in the first time you apply, you can apply again the next year.
  9. Male must take every kid that wants to come from JCTMS, Barret, and Johnson before they can take any other kid. If they have extra space after taking all applicants from those schools, spots are offered to applicants randomly by the district. I'm not aware of any player on the team the last few years that was not from JCTMS, Barret, or Johnson.
  10. Garrett Dennis in his last 3 games (St. X, Trinity, and Scott Co.) 93 carries, 507 yards, 5.45 yards per carry, 7 rushing TDs 36 completions, 53 attempts, 68% completions, 460 yards, 4 passing TDs That's as dominant an offensive performance from a single player as I can remember against 3 of the top defenses in the state. #MrFootball
  11. 7 Male 5 Trinity 3 St. X 2 Fern Creek 1 Moore TB - Male
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