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  1. Today's game will be played @ 7:30. This should definitely be a game to remember!! Good Luck Eagles!!! :ylsuper:
  2. I'm glad to see Leslie county received 4 votes. Keep up the good work Eagles!!
  3. I definitely agree that South Laurel will reload.....
  4. My congrats go out to Jackson City....they are definitely not a team to be laughed at this year, these guys shot the lights out tonight. Things just didn't go Leslie's way tonight. Congratulations to the Eagles on an outstanding season. These guys should keep their heads up though, they have nothing to be ashamed of, it's just a shame that things had to end this way for the team, especially the seniors.
  5. Leslie will win. They've learned not to overlook any teams this year too many times. They will be prepared. Good luck Leslie, I can't wait for this game!!
  6. This game will definitely be one for the books and both teams will come ready to play. However, I do believe Leslie will come out with the win in this one after that tough loss against Hazard in the District Championship. Leslie 68 Lee 63
  7. An amazing game to say the least. Hazard was down by 11 at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Hicks played a major role in bringing them back. The Bulldogs outdone theirselves, outscoring the 'Dores by 19 points! Congrats to the Bulldogs! PCC had a great season to say the least. Hazard will be meeting either Leslie or Buckhorn in the District Championship on Friday night.
  8. This should be one of the greatest games of the season..... PCC 67 Hazard 65 You really never know who's gonna win this one though.....
  9. Leslie will come out with the victory in this one I do believe, by 12 points at the least!
  10. Leslie played a great second half. I can't wait to see them play in the District Tournament! Congrats Eagles!!
  11. Thanks for the info! Sounds like Estill will definitely be the team to beat!
  12. Hazard always has a good softball team and are always considered to be among the best in the region. Also, this year I see Leslie County coming on strong. They have everyone back and some really good players. I really don't know that much about Estill, if anyone has any info on them it would be greatly appreciated.
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