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  1. In the 10th region semi finals, Mofford had something like 12 points against Nikola Gligorevic, he had 24 and 12 rebounds I believe. How are you all putting him ahead?
  2. How many tri-state players are committing to Thomas More this spring?
  3. Not odd when you only have one healthy QB for most of the season....
  4. And what about Dixie home field advantage? I go with Dixie on this one.....come on boys!
  5. It's always a pleasure to have Sandman on the post! A true Dixie fan even when things are alittle dim! Keep the faith and show your stuff! GO DIXIE!
  6. All I have to say is GO DIXIE and I am with you guys come heck or high water! I will support our team and stand with you no matter what! I was there when you were Soph's and they said it could never happen....well.....Just remember the determination and will that you had to prove them wrong. Keep believing!
  7. Just seemed to me and a number of other fans that if the run was working as Marty proved why would we pass when that was obviously our weak spot that night? They could have ground out the yardage, controlled the clock and than done a short little pass into the end zone for the score or let the run carry it in. And as for Little Johnny, I don't think the boys care what we on Bluegrass say or what fans at the game say because they have enough to do and take care on the field.
  8. Actually there are four captains on the Dixie team, Marty, Daniel, Stephen and Joey. And I think that all four of the boys do a fine job of leading but it is up to the team to follow. I also know that they are more than aware that this is their last year and are doing everything in "their power" to build team. Sometimes it is very easy for fans to sit in the stands and "know" what the team is feeling but if you are really around the boys, you do know. One loss does not end a season, it's what they do with the loss that will make the difference. I'm still with you boys, GO DIXIE!
  9. Yeah, what's up with that???? Maybe the talk about what a "team" is should be said again at a higher level????
  10. I think that our team has some young players trying to step up but so far it is a struggle. As for Joe, passing is important but even more so is the ability of the receivers.... Again, if the call is to pass and Joe hits them in the numbers and the ball is dropped....who is at fault? the Coach? the QB? or the receiver?? Trust me when I say that the team is hungry and they have been working hard and we as supporters need to do just that. Does anyone believe that the Dixie team did not feel the loss on Friday? Speak with them if you have any doubts. Right now the team needs supporters that wil
  11. Dixie's team is fine but at a loss to explain coaching calls and unable to over-ride caoching calls that make no sense. The team can see what needs to be done but again, when on the field you have to follow the call as it is given to you.
  12. If the run is working why stop it???? And if someone has a petition to sign to make some "changes" at Dixie I thnik there wouldn't have been enough paper at that game for everyones signatures! And what's with the in-fighting among coaches???? Is this part of the problem..... :confused:
  13. chsh81... I am not absolving the boys but I do think that sooner (as opposed to later) someone has to hold the coaches accountable too. The team is not sending in the plays, I feel sure that it is the coaches. I agree that the boys didn't play well but again at some point you have to wonder why the ball wasn't put up in the air or some different plays weren't used. How many times can they run the ball up the middle before everyone in stands knows what is coming?????
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