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  1. Does anybody know where I can find anything about the all region, and district teams of 3A at?
  2. Rock played as hard as we could. We were just out matched by numbers. I mean we had 40 players dressed while Catholic had over 80. We also played 10 players both ways. Thanks to our fans for showing up and supporting us. Burke is a good QB and should do well in college. I just wonder how Coach Sphire would do with the Rock team. Its is a shame that the few fans outside the stadium talegaiting were all smart mouths and made everyone else lok bad. We look forward to playing you next year on a real field. GRASS
  3. I cant believe what I saw yesterday. Rockcastle's offense lining up in 4 and 5 wide throwing everywhere. I know the qb is pretty good but they ran the ball about 3 times. I asked some of the players why and they said it was because Lex Cath did such a good job of shutting down the run that Rockcastle was going to suprise them by opening up the air attack. The place I went to school was Black Mountain Ele. in Harlan Co. the same place JD Harris went to. I am in Evarts today for Thanksgiving. I think the Rock air attack will catch Catholic off guard.
  4. Sad times at the Rock. Just found out that one of the best players for Rock has broken his neck. This makes 7 starting players that the Rockets have lost this season. Scott Dauttery broke his leg and ankle and was probably the Rockets best defensive lineman and guard on offense. He is only a 10th grader though so this will not hurt next years team. Dusty Miller tore his ACL after 3 games and was starting tailback for the last 2 years, a very fast runner with Barry Sanders moves. He was also a junior and will not hurt next years squad. Travis Smith was a senior and played center and de
  5. Lex Cath also has a heck of a passing game and has sown it al yr long. The qb is also a very good runner. I heard he got hurt in the Highlands game, any word on that. I think Rock will drop 8 men and try to stop the pass, at least that is what it looked like yesterday.
  6. After watching Rockcastle practice the last couple of days and hearing about Lex Cath's great passing game. I know now why Rock is practicing a lot of prevent and dime coverage. They seem willing to give up the run and stop the pass. This is very uncommon for them to abandon stopping the run. Who knows with a lot of luck maybe Rock can just stay close to them.
  7. Isn't Greer from Corbin? I heard he coached at whitley for a few years after he left Bell Co. Why did he leave Bell in the first place? If the Corbin job came open would he be cosidered?
  8. Bell County played neither one on any level. Rock and Clay County played on all levels except JV.
  9. My one question to all people defending Lex. Cath. is this. If it has nothing to do with kids playing sports then why is the KHSAA putting restrictions on football and baseball next year. Why not put restrictions on the academic team if its not got anything to do with sports. It must be with sports or they would not say football and baseball.
  10. Rockcastle's manager is doing one heck of job thus far as the Rockets are set to face Lexington Catholic in the State-Semi Finals. And has a great winning record with the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity teams combined and has worked very tough keeping the team motivated. His football winning record reads on since 2001 as a 7th grader to a junior at Rockcastle County Middle and High School reaching his teenhood dream last friday by the Rockets defeating Bell County 21-0 for the Class 3A Region 4 Championship. His record just in 2005 is 25-6 with a combined 103-28 record in a 5 year peri
  11. Mason's QB was an exceptional player. One of the best the Rock has faced this year. Reminds a lot of people of Dustin Grutza, just not as big. He is a heck of a player and very effective. He and ashlamnds QB are the best in their dist.
  12. What about Tommy Greer? He used to coach there and has had success everywhere he has gone.
  13. What I heard about Lexington Catholic was that they were fined $30,000 by the KHSAA for paying players due to some low income family issues or something like that, can anyone help me out with this?
  14. Did you not get to see them play last year against Pikeville. Pikeville is your team isnt it.
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