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  1. I would have to agree with some of your points. This kid can flat out play!! He won't get the credit because he is from a D3 school. That shouldn't matter but it will in some people's eyes. All defenses were set up to stop him and he stilled scored a ton this past year. But I don't think he will score 30 -35 at will in his conference next year because again teams, if they are smart, will run defenses to limit his touches. With that said, he will have a great year. If a school (College) takes a go at him (Which they should) it will be outside the area because local people will say, "Who d
  2. Unfortunately I am hearing the administration (and Board) are the problem with everything at that school. "Running it into the ground" was a quote from one of the employees there.
  3. Silver Grove is looking for a new coach as they have told the man responsible for bringing back the girls program he is no longer welcome or wanted. Coach Kues was dedicated to those girls and really had them coming around. I believe he had everyone coming back from this past team and they were really excited about the upcoming season. It is a shame that the leaders of that school are threatened by anyone who excels and is well liked. I wonder if his name will pop up for openings. Would Brossart take him back?
  4. Congrats to Boone also on an excellent season. Baseball is a funny game and the hardest of the three major sports to predict. Good luck to Ryle also the rest of the way. Special congrats to Boone new coach this year, Coach Huff. He had some doubters and although they didn't get to the region like they are expected, and he had a lot of talent, I think he proved and will continue to prove in the years to come he is a quality coach and a quality Man.
  5. I am trying to think what coach left because "OF THE TALENT LEVEL DROP" With that said: Stamm did and does a great job and being a Ludlow Panther and having the success he has had says a lot about the job he has done!! And he is a great guy!! The school is lucky to have him. He is truly dedicated to those kids and the school.
  6. And he tossed the baseball towards the umpire. Not hitting him with it though.
  7. "Assuming "big picture" means academics also, how does his son benefit from passing on better educations at other local public & private schools? This is not bashing on Bellevue, but the academic opportunities are not on the same level as those availalbe at other local institutions that were available to him." Quote From FT Bronc Kudo's for the Jones's attendind the school in the district where they live. If all schools did this you would see a lot better players at the smaller schools. Unfortunately the bigger schools tend to get those kids from outside their district to attend
  8. Great To see Coach Huff having these guys off to a great start. He is going to do a great job
  9. That is an impressive pitching line. Did I hear that this was a second game of a double header for St. Henry. The first game was Connor. Why would they do that with a district game?
  10. As far as experience, Wayne has probably over 15 years of coaching experience including the last 7 or 8 years as a head coach. I believe he has plenty of experiece. If there is any baseball talent at Boone, they will win games. If there is little talent but he has some PITCHING, then he should at least be in games!!! I think Boone made a really nice choice. Coach Huff is going to surprise some people.
  11. Great job Coach Kelsch and the Augusta basketball team!!! That is a great way to bounce back from some tough losses!! Brossart could be in trouble against St. Henry.
  12. This is great news!! Congrats to coach Sharp, his staff and players!! Keep up the good work.
  13. I thought there was already an all AA tourney. It is called the All A
  14. He was also the starting point guard on 2 conference championship teams. Is having a great college career so far. Was on their all freshman team last year in their conference. West Liberty got a STEAL!!!! Chad and Bryant McCarter were also great at that school. Ken Hedges was also a Great Player!! Believe he went to Northern. The Grove had some great teams in the late 70's.
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