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  1. I would have to say the best come in the same game. Elkhorn City Vs. Allen Cent. in the 1994 15th Regin Class A tournament. Hef Conley scored 52 Jeremy Hall hit for 46 on 13 threes. These two just went back and forth the entire game playing who can top who. EC ended up winning the game but it was the best I think that i have watched. Anyone that know what game I am talking about would agree.
  2. Why is it we have this same STUPID discussion every year. Why change something that is so sucessful year in and year out. Not everyone can win a championship. Sorry parents..it is not in the cards. Im just sick of seeing people act retarded over little Jimmy not having a chance in the state tournament. It will happen again. Quit getting your panties in a bunch over 4A teams winning in the state tourney. I went to a class A school. And the thought of having a class system in high school basketball never crossed my mind because I wanted to be a champion. You have to earn it. Period.
  3. I will go with Pike Cent. over Paintsville in the final. The title stays in Pike County yet again. The Expo Center should be the host of the tournament every year. Almost every other region has ONE site that the tourney is played in every season and no one complains. This will be something I believe that everyone in Johnson Co. is going to have to accept. The region tourney will NOT be played at Johnson Central again.
  4. Quit crying about the subject and leave it how it is. Especially basketball.
  5. leave it the way that it is and quit crying about your team not being good enough.
  6. Were you in there with her when she had them or something:lol: :lol: :lol: j/k
  7. NAIA coaches can talk about recruiting on broadcast shows as well unlike the NCAA where they have to wait until they have signed before they speak about them.
  8. How many scholy players are each school allowed in basketball in the NAIA?
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