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  1. Finally someone pointing out the obvious. :thumb:
  2. OK. Well then let me ask you what have they done to be ranked #3 in the country?
  3. I'm still trying to figure out what Ohio St. has done to even be mentioned for a #1 seed?
  4. At least we aren't going to the NIT again...
  5. I agree w/ Air Force, but Butler? Didn't they go on a four game streak that included Notre Dame, Indiana, Gonzaga, and North Carolina, all on neutral floors?
  6. That is if they are strong against the rest of the league as well. :thumb:
  7. Haha. How would Ohio St. right now be in consideration for a 1 over Wisconsin? Sorry, seems like a topic for another thread I know.
  8. We can only hope and wait come Selection Sunday. Maybe Ohio St. a 2 and Oregon a 3 at this point?
  9. It was a reference to them not making it past the Sweet 16. I would still take them to beat Ohio St.
  10. You are correct, they may not make it to the Elite 8, but I wouldn't want them in the first or second round.
  11. A bad week? I don't think it was a good week but not many teams RIGHT NOW are going to go to UCLA on Thurs night and USC on Sat afternoon and escape w/ a win. They were a wide open 3 from Brooks from forcing OT at USC. I trust this team and a few others in the Pac 10 are going to be a handfull come March...and April.
  12. Don't worry, I still say the Ducks sneak out w/ a win somehow this afternoon. And oh yeah, I forgot to mention in 2007 and not in 2006.
  13. Like I said in the update thread, UCLA's defense was nasty. I was thinking, how many teams in the nation could play at UCLA on Thursday and at USC on Saturday and come out w/ 1 win? :confused:
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