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  1. Well... All I know is Rockcastle survived Mason Co. by 1 point. And everyone reading this will probably doubt me but oh well. I think Mason is the team everyone better keep an eye on next year.
  2. I would say one of the boyle or danville teams boyle has had a kicker and 3 lineman and a reciever that all play D1 all from the same team plus some other I dont know of
  3. Harry Lewis from mason Co. prolly done it during his career he was a stud and a half. But I sure grutza done it too, he was the kicker, the QB, and he ran with the ball a ton I think he might of caught a touchdown pass from lofton on some trick play in one game his senior year.
  4. so is lexington that much faster than catholic or did Bowling green not come ready to play
  5. I love the new format. Before I knew about it I was upset that I would have to miss the A, and AA game because it would be on Friday. but now I can go want the games I want to watch and not have to stay the night at a Hotel. This is a good format for the parents of many players because many parents can not get off work on fridays. Thank you KHSAA for doing something to help out the little people in the bluegrass.
  6. Rowan County might be? I'm not sure yet though the head coach there decided to take them out of district play to win games and went 1-9, 4-6, 5-5; So, I'm hearing he's gone.
  7. Defense? Offense? Special Teams? it doesn't matter what you do or how you do it if you got speed you can win and catholic has one of the fastest teams I've ever seen. I'm not saying they will win because I don't cheer for private schools unless they are playing highlands. All I know is if this is a low scoring game I take bowling green, if its a shoot out I take catholic. Anyone wanting to know what the best game of the weekend is this one is it.
  8. Defense wins championships boys! Catholic's defense may be fast but they will not be as physical as Russell. Russell 35 Catholic 21
  9. HOW TO SHUT OUT THE BIRDS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE KNIGHTS: 4 first downs, give them great field position, 4 fumbles, watch the 15 time state champ spend the entire 1st half trying to get the ball past the 50 yard line(the best part of the whole game)LOL! SPEED WON THIS GAME HIGHLANDS DID NOT HAVE THE SPEED TO KEEP UP WITH CATHOLIC!
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