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  1. You are right.....I was wondering how your tennis teams and Volleyball teams did this past season.
  2. There are two Mike Croleys assoicated with with Williamsburg. 1. Mike Croley, Class of 1982. Currently assitant football coach at Scott Co. 2. Mike Croley AKA Willard Croley class of early 70's. Former teacher at Williamsburg and current resident of the state of Florida, or at least last time I heard.
  3. I seriously don't know where that figure came from, but I am sure it is on the high side of reality. LOL People are putting way more into it that is true. Now if he wins and wins quickly, it could be worth it.
  4. I sure hope so...the most important surpise could be....................... Winning!!!!!!!!!
  5. Kids leaving Whiltey and going to Williamsburg....wishful thinking on the part of the Yellow Jacket Faithful. Whiltey is not the Whitley of the old days, they have more sports offered, more facilities, and more importantly, more AP classes and more choices of reagular classes. I think in many ways the Colonels have surpassed the Yellow Jackets.
  6. Talk to Mike Deaton, I am sure he will have some idea of that, he has scouted them and sees something worth taking a chance on. I am sure he already has some surprising stuff lined up.
  7. Whitley County is not that bad, they have some young talant and shoud be on the up swing. I am sure that Mike Deaton will have some "new" players out that have not played in a couple of years.
  8. Mike Deaton was officially named as Head Basketball Coach at Whitley County High School today (Tuesday). It is truely an exciting day when a coach of Mike Deaton's caliber takes over the program. Good Luck Coach Mike Deaton, you have the support of the Colonel Nation.
  9. Corbin will be good, but they have to rebuild. They may get to be a top 5 team but they won't be at the start of the season. Too many starters lost.
  10. I find that very interesting that Middlesboro is number 1, since the varsity coach went to the middle school's coach and asked for some 8th graders. Of course that was to fill spots since only about 12 kids are playing right now. Skip Fredy...gone...Emmert...gone.....bunches of kids...gone.
  11. After this thread went south I stopped reading or posting. I am a close personal friend of Mike Campbell and there was nobody sadder to see him go than my whole family. Mike Campbell built a program at Whiltey where only a team was there when he arrived. He had some great teams and individuals. He grew as a coach and as a person as the program grew. He gave of himself to see that the program continued to grow. He coached harder this past season than I had seen him coach and NOBODY wanted Whitley County's Red Storm to have success more than Mike Campbell. I look forward to seeing Benji have great success in the future. I was sorry to see everthing that has been posted here about the new coach and am sure that Mike Campbell would not have approved. I wish Coach Gentry the best of Luck as he takes over the program. I will continue to support the program as I have done in the past and look forward to Whitley having great success in the future also. As the thread states this is a new era in Whitley County Football and I was looking forward to seeing positive things about the program here, but........... With that in mind.... This will be Thunderstruck's last post Peace Out!
  12. 1 a : a fixed point in time from which a series of years is reckoned b : a memorable or important date or event; especially : one that begins a new period in the history of a person or thing 2 : a system of chronological notation computed from a given date as basis 3 a : a period identified by some prominent figure or characteristic feature b : a stage in development (as of a person or thing) c : a large division of geologic time usually shorter than an eon By defination it is a new era. Don't try to read things into it.
  13. True, but Whitley showed vast improvement, they played hard and even with the starters for south in the game, broke the press several times. The sun don't shine on the same dog eveyday, and it sure has been cloudy for Whiltey for sometime, but I think brighter days are ahead if they continue to work hard and play with intensity.
  14. Whitley played hard and showed improvement. They are young and need to build on the way they played. Corbin is a pretty good team, but they need to show more to be competitive in the regioin. Coach P does a great job getting his teams to peak at the right time and I am sure that this year will be no different. Congrats to Whitley on the continued improvement and to the Redhounds for the solid win.
  15. Judgeone, I don't know anymore than you do....although you seem to have more inside information than Topgun and he was the one who broke the story on Mike Campbell resigning. Maybe Topgun knows something?
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