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  1. I'm not sure where they would rank but I sure like the Boyle County Roudies alot. o Rebs..
  2. BG has been a team set out to prove itself since their playoff exit last year. Nothing has upset their mission so far this year and I certainly don't see Cental doing it. The Purples by 21 plus points. This game will humble this years Central team.
  3. Whenever I wanted to know the next days weather I would call my sister-in-law in southeastern Kansas. Yesterday I was there and it was absolutely beautiful. High of 74 and not a could in the sky, low last night in the high 40's, soooo, that means that is what you will have in Danville Fri. nite. That's the good news. Now for the bad news. It's about 3 hours before kickoff and I am still in Cambridge, Kansas. Will be one solid BGPer tonight. This ole Rebel picks the Ads by 10 points 30-20. Sail on Ads and I'll be there next week.
  4. :thumb: .... I clicked on the wrong quote. I meant to click on coldweatherfans Quote that had Boyle, Danville and Highlands...
  5. I too think the outcome will be decided on who has the less turnovers. I agree that SW can move the ball on the ground but the Rebs defence has shored up a bunch since their first meetin. I think they will bend but not break. SW did not get the oportunity to see Mr. Tamme in the first meeting and I don't think they will be interested in meeting him Friday nite. Not that he is all of their offence, but it is a percentage. It will be a very hard fought game which the first one certainly was not. SW has the advantage of the home field but may not have the home croud unless the Warriors gets out and recuits some roudy supporters. Final line is that the Rebels takes game two by a touchdown, 28-21...Go Rebs......
  6. The Danville Ads can be found at WHIR 1230 AM, and the Boyle County Rebels at WRNZ 105.1 FM. I might also add that both stations can be picked up on the internet by going to the stations web site and clicking on the sting for the ballgame. Go Title Town...
  7. Great quote and I agree with everything except the score. I say 28-13. Sail on Ads..
  8. Just got back from the UK game and it seems that all I can say is thanks guys(both Boyle and UK) for the victory. Both of these teams had some good moments and some bad moments. The defence bent but didn't break. The offence has got to captilize and finish their drives, Thats enough about both of those teams together. Boyle has some work to do this week if we wish to come out of the reservation with a win, Evidently the warriors are playing pretty good right now. I hope the Rebs have a great week of pratice and go into warrior territory playing the way we are capesble of doing. I really don't want to go to a scalping this Friday. Go Rebs..
  9. Another great win Pats. Just keep on keeping on. You ahve a tough test next week, but you are more than up for the test. Roll on Patriots..
  10. What a great start for the Ads in the playoffs. Pretty focused to start the game I would have to say. What happened to all the fans. Did they all go with the band for their semis. I almost wish I could follow you all to Frankfort next week because I think that will be the Game of the week. Stay focused and take care of business. Sail on Ads..
  11. Will be the game of the nite next week. Last night the Ads were operating like a 12 cylinder engine and hitting on all 12 and that was with about 15 fans in the stands. Better give the ball to EJ every time you can if you think the Ads can't catch him. Go Ads..
  12. There are a lot of 2A teams that I haven't seen play but in following the scoreboard here I can say that it will take a UPSET to knock the Titans from the winners stand this year. They are the real deal but they can beat themselves or they can be upset.. March on Titans..
  13. There would be nothing that would please me more than for our special teams to play the same type of field position game than we played at Marion Co. earlier. Marion is a much better team than when we played them there but they had their backs to the goal post all night. However we are a much better team than then also with Tamme back and the players playing much more enthused. I look for the Rebs to start their playoff run with a 35-13 win Friday nite. Go Rebs..
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