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  1. Owensboro has a good team. Bowling Green has a very good team. Owensboro's "yellow brick road" to the playoff's has been against three teams with a combined record of 15-21, and not one team above .500. Also all three playoff games have been at home for the Red Devils. THAT YELLOW BRICK HAS BEEN GOLD! Bowling Green has played two at home and an undefeated John Hardin team on the road. Those three opponents have a combined record of 25-11 with two teams above .500 and one at .500. Also a side note, if B.G. wins against OHS, it will be the 50th win for the seniors on this team over the last four years! Pretty impressive!! B.G. offense averages 50 ppg. to OHS offense averaging 27.6 ppg. B.G offense averages 446 typg to OHS 232 typg. B.G. defense allows 11.2 ppg to OHS defense allowing 8.0 ppg. B.G defense allows 219 typg to OHS defense allowing 208 typg. Owensboro's best offense is their defense which creates turnovers and puts the offense in great field position. Owensboro's offense is Yorel Shemwell period. Bowling Green is to balanced on both sides of the ball not to pull out a victory this Friday night. I'll be rooting for the Devils but final score to be around 35-14 B.G.
  2. Bowling Green @ Owensboro game can be heard on 94.7-FM WBIO or on the internet at owensbororadio.com
  3. Ditto to above! I was impressed with OHS win at Christian County being both Johnston and Duncan out. For DC, Bevil will sit out this game if ejection from Hendo game holds up. Closer than years past but Devils will win.
  4. Apollo should win as I feel they have more "fire-power" than the Aces. Considering AHS is 6A and OCHS is 2A, Apollo-28.....Catholic-14.
  5. If offense doesn't get in gear, two and out the most for Owensboro in playoff's considering Christian County and Hopkinsville in their district this year.
  6. Owensboro defense is one of the best I have seen. Offense lacks a burner in the backfield (like years past). Word is Johnston is out for this game (injury) and Duncan serving one game suspension for being ejected against Catholic. Both of these players play both ways for Owensboro. Christian County by 10.
  7. Agree Coach Kimbrell is doing good things for DC. However Henderson is a step or two up in competition and I think Henderson by 14.
  8. 94.7-FM WBIO will cover Apollo, Daviess County, Owensboro Catholic, and Owensboro throughout the year on their "Game of the Week". The game of the week can also be heard on the web at http://www.owensbororadio.com. Just click on the 94.7 WBIO logo to listen. BGP always gets love on WBIO! Heck we even passed out BGP t-shirts last year in team colors!! Fans loved them!
  9. Atwell and Morris were the two finalist. I heard the job was Atwells to lose and thats what happened. He (Atwell) didn't interview well and Morris then became the frontrunner and got the job. I feel Atwell will now end up somewhere else and no doubt he feels snubbed by his hometown, right or wrong.
  10. Trigg County at O'boro Catholic can be heard on 102.9-FM WLME.
  11. Would like to see Apollo go to 5-0 but just don't see them beating John Hardin.
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