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  1. Anybody know CovCath's schedule for next year? I go into my class tonight, my teacher's like "I'm the Super-Intendant at Highlands High School," I'm like "Great, I don't feel akward at all." He's a pretty good guy though, and he joked about CovCath
  2. I only played there as a young lad, and people probly won't mention this, but I always liked Dayton just cause you felt like you were in an arena (sorta)
  3. Because of solid defense, turnovers, and Dixie usually doesn't shoot that well, so being on fire doesn't mean lots of points. Thanks for the compliment on the insight and thank you even more for disrespecting me to such a large degree
  4. Dixie was on fire, they should have come out on top. Did anybody else notice how the rules for the game were "no blood, no foul"?
  5. Agreed, they should be even better now that they're more used to the defense, it's designed for them to make plays If Kurt wasn't the best WR in NKY, he was top 2 or 3, but I think he was the best
  6. And Big Elfers as the color-commentor (honestly, I'm not real sure what the color part means, I just always hear announcers referred to as that)
  7. I don't think it's a question of being able to get over the Louisville hump, I just think it's a question of when. Even if it wasn't right away, when kids see what he can do, tons of talent will come rolling into Ryle, and more kids will sign up to play
  8. Wow, I never thought I'd see a solid Beechwood basketball team. I guess they're for real
  9. Without the pressures of having to have great teams who just dominated at Beechwood and without the pressures of being head coach, I think Yeagle will return to his prime and Ryle will start making noise down state. Does anyone know or could anyone find out if Yeagle got the letter that I mailed to him about a week ago?
  10. It wasn't that close though, Dixie was up by over 20 just about the whole game til the fourth quarter
  11. Don't know an exact score. Dixie looked solid, Chev had the offense moving around a lot more and players were making things happen and hitting shots. Lawson wasn't stuck on the block as much, and he drove, had a bunch of assists, 18 points, 14 boards, almost a triple-double. When Dixie moves a lot, drives, and sets screens, they're a lot better
  12. Is it at Dixie? If they let Lawson make some things happen and don't put him down on the block making him idle, then Dixie wins big
  13. And that has what to do with my comment? And if you don't think I've overcome anything, then that's your opinion, and I'm fine with it, but that has nothing to do with what I said. Alls I said was that the teachers at CovCath will do everything in their power to help a kid succeed. The more I look at it, the more mad I am, if anything, I was patting CovCath's teachers on the back
  14. Apparantly, when my dad played, CovCath made the state finals, and should have won but the refs said he didn't get off a shot at the last second that went in to win. One of my teachers (from my 5th year at Dixie, not CovCath), my teacher said that he obviously got it off butt he refs wouldn't let them win because they were a Catholic school. Other people confirmed what he said, my dad didn't really comment
  15. you should ask them why they were unable to properly prepare those students for the rigors of High school academics. That's what it has to do with your post. They could prepare anyone for high school academics, which is evident by them being able to help me, who has a brain injury which would make me much tougher to help than any normal kid. You may stop waiting
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