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  1. What names on on the list for the Russell job?
  2. Boone's guards simply dominated the game and their half-court defense was out standing. Almost a 40 point turn around from the first time they played. Heard someone say the 26 points was the second lowest in tournament history. Still, congrats to Rowan on a good season
  3. the Kittens were beat tonight by a better team end of story. The calls didn't beat us Rowan Co did.
  4. I think Jeff Hall was working in the Ashland school system while he was coaching the Tomcats.
  5. The way I read Shutupandplay post it saying that 2 people were the reason that the coaches left. If I took that the wrong way I'm sorry.
  6. Breeden left for a coaching job at Morehead. Jeff Hall left for a job with the USBL team in Louisville. Craynor Slone left to be closer to home. If your trying to blame all of this on one or two people your crazy.
  7. If you want to watch the shorter baskets in action come to First Baptist on Winchester Ave Saturday morning and watch the games. We have great hot dogs.
  8. I have read all of post about the game it was a good thread until the chicken got nasty about it. We were beaten by a better team thats the story of that game. Maybe the outcome will be different if they play again.
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