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  1. Never saw a team fundamentally block out for rebounds like his teams did. Every time.
  2. I personally hope they hire Kirk or Hinson. Then it would speak volumes about how the status of the Mason program has changed over the years if they actually brought in someone from Augusta or Bracken to fix their mess and would be great. The fact that times have changed enough that they are even considering it tells me something.
  3. More to it than that, but it had nothing to do with ability to teach and coach I can promise you that. Loyalty to the head coach despite maybe having contradictory beliefs' sometimes is a death sentence to an assistant.
  4. They pink slipped all coaches next day after Biggs resigned whether or not they taught for new staff...ones that happened to be teachers were just out of luck...and that's not speculation.
  5. May I argue from the stance that I am against seeding for several reasons, and I don't have a dog in this districts fight. The coach I work for made sense to me when he once stated "if they seeded every level, such as region and state, then it would be fair to seed. Just like its not fair that the district runner up gets a second chance, and no one else does. If I was Augusta and had lost in the finals of the region, I would want the regional runner up to get a second chance too." Until there is some sort of equality in the way the tournament format is set up, there will never be a level pla
  6. Pulaski's holds just under 6500. Was originally scheduled for over 8700 with complete rounded endzone but scaled down at last moment. Henry's is bigger than orginal group listed here. The Spectrum that Male used years ago is not as big as these other listed. Maybe 3000 tops, but a wonderful place to watch a game.
  7. I dont think all those matchups are correct. Mercer #1 seed in 46th. Not set in stone.
  8. They will have to guard someone come tournament time, but they do have a very nice club.
  9. Hmmmm, I just mentioned Burgin as ONE of the schools they cant beat consistently and must have hit a nerve. I would sure hope the Titans have bigger fish to fry than beating them, although your post sounds a little defensive. Tell me where all the assistants went? Wouldnt they want a shot at the state tournament? Why havent the team beat East Jessamine in the district with the group that just graduated? Didnt they win the freshman region? Your "studs" might have been there this summer, but word is that one of them was waiting to see if Cundiff returned. You cant tell me that the team he inher
  10. Then if they dont challenge for the region, whose fault is it? All of Cundiff's staff bailed out before the train wreck, and some of his "studs" are saying they arent going to play. Doesnt sound like they are completely "primed" to make a run. Its been a circus since day one. Many other schools that consolodate win the region immediately, and they didnt have 10 starters returning. It didnt stop the football team from winning even though it was mixed up situation as everyone involved knows. They need to get out of the district and/or even beat Burgin every time before they start dreaming of re
  11. "Their offense is one of the best IN THE STATE?" Come now...lets be realistic.
  12. So how good are they? Like the JB teams of old? Or the recent ones?
  13. What DOES June Buchanan have? Are they like the old JB teams, or the newer, improved model of the last 10 years?
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