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  1. You and I live in a community where that type of parental respect still prevails. Sadly it's becoming more rare by the day.
  2. He's implying that he doesn't understand the BGP rule against attacking other posters.
  3. Wow! Being confused as you were made you very angry. There's a difference in not getting answers and just not liking the answers you get. And yes, that gap is huge....enormous actually.
  4. So, the fact that no one was able to remember enough names for you to feel satisfied, somehow makes them evasive? Your question was answered as well as could be reasonably expected. You are right on one thing...the gap is not "large." It's huge!
  5. Think that will work to fire up your Maroons? :sssh: :lol:
  6. They would (absolutely, 100%) NOT put out an order to the team to "take out" an opposing high school football player. That is inexcusable!
  7. No way! Why would you want to play the #1 team in the 2nd round when you could otherwise play them in the 3rd round?
  8. Same here. Although I didn't watch Bozo. I don't think it was on in our area in those days.
  9. I think most people strongly doubt that anything was. But you touched on something that is very true; the ties in this community to the McCafferty family are wide and deep. Bob was a gregarious man and highly involved in the community. And of course, the kids both go to school here.
  10. Investigators found a jacket that had evidence that showed that it had been wrapped around the murder weapon -- ostensibly to muffle the sound. In the pile of clothes (where another bullet had been found) they found a shirt that had also been wrapped around a fired weapon. The defense did not call the children, Cheryl's mother, family members, coworkers, abuse experts or therapists to testify about abuse.
  11. You're right. Perhaps there's a reason for that. And perhaps that's why we didn't hear any questioning of the kids on that point.
  12. From what's being reported in the media, the defense has really offered no other evidence than Cheryl's own words and hearsay. They did have the ER nurse that said she saw some evidence of minor facial injuries, but nothing concrete. As far as I know, the kids said nothing about abuse. I think we're all just like shaking our heads at the lack of evidence presented. I personally think she's guilty, but still surprised the defense hasn't offered up a stronger argument.
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