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  1. 1 hour ago, tcjkbt said:

    When one team has to cancel because of COVID  -  not a mutual decision  -  in the playoffs, does the advancing team get credit for a win, for example, if going in its record was 6-1, does it then become 7-1?    Likewise, does the cancelling team get an "L"?

    In the first round one team was simply removed from the bracket and the advancing team appeared to have a bye. It would appear based on the 3A bracket with Belfry and Lawrence County that for the second round and further teams will be credited with a forfeit victory. 

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  2. Rockcastle County has played twice since the first meeting on October 2 - a blowout against overmatched Jackson County and really poor performance in a loss to Lincoln County. Bell County has played four times since then, including a win over McCreary Central. I'm not sure the opponents over the last month will make a difference but I do wonder if Bell has the advantage just because of more recent game reps?

  3. 1 hour ago, Purple88 said:

    I have not seen Oldham play this year but I know about Sam Young and respect his abilities.

    I think Oldham is ramping up right now.

    Oldham County definitely seems to be playing better. Bryan Station has been solid all season, so it will be interesting to see if last week's poor performance was merely a blip or something more. This should be a very good ballgame.

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  4. One of the finest folks I've ever been involved with in education and athletics. Did a great job at Garrard County and had moments of success at Madison Central. Ultimately, though, Central is a tough football job. If Mark wants to coach somewhere else then I'd encourage that school to hire him.

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  5. Our football postseason is too tethered to districts. I proposed a plan a few years ago that would eliminate these same playoff meetings between the same teams over and over again. The proposal was fairly well received and thanks to @ChiefSmoke it even made it to the KHSAA desk, although they didn't seem as interested. My worry is that continuing to hold a postseason where weaker district teams are guaranteed to play and subsequently get hammered by teams like Owensboro in the first round that it will slow the potential growth of the sport at schools like Breckinridge County. There are better ways to do things but we have to be willing to think bigger.

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  6. 22 minutes ago, DevilMayCare said:

    Ohio's 2020 State Champions:

    Division I - St. Xavier 

    Division II - Archbishop Hoban

    Division III - Chardon

    Division IV - Van Wert 

    Division V - Kirtland

    Division VI - Coldwater

    Division VII - New Bremen

    For those of us unfamiliar with Ohio, can you give a geographical description of where these schools are located?

  7. 11 hours ago, ColonelMike said:

    Didn't see the game, but really curious as to whether Madison Central played great defense or if Bryan Station was just off their game, offensively...or perhaps a little of both.

    Only the second time this year Bryan Station has been held under 20 points (The Defenders scored just 6 against Scott County in their season opener)....and the Defenders have scored over 30 five times.   They beat Madison Central 21-0 during the regular season....


    1. Bryan Station coach said on the news after the game that Madison Central had a good game plan his team just wasn’t prepared for and they’d have to be better next week. 

    2. Bryan Station only scored 21 in the first meeting, but that was the Friday night with tons of storms and the game was called at halftime. 

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  8. On 11/17/2020 at 10:56 AM, Purple88 said:

    I think Hoptown is a sleeper team that could surprise a few teams and make a decent run if they can stay away from Covid.

    It all comes down to how much you trust Hopkinsville. Every time I feel good about the Tigers they lose a game no one expects and my belief plummets. They could make the state semifinals or they could lose this Friday night. Nothing would surprise me.

  9. On 11/16/2020 at 10:01 AM, ATLCat said:

    To be fair, considering Sayre beat the brakes off of Phelps not sure how they didn't have a claim to be the 3-seed.

    Just for fun, I checked Calpreps for a Hazard/Sayre prediction, which would have been the first round matchup had Sayre been an official district member (as they will be next year). Calpreps had Sayre winning, 22-21.

    Pikeville wins comfortably but Sayre is a solid team. I'm very anxious to see where Sayre is in relation to this entire district next season when they play the full schedule.

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