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  1. Is Hollingsworth injured or is HHS looking at a more mobile QB?
  2. Conner keeps chipping away...if Highlands doesn’t respond this series...say good night Dick.
  3. It’s ridiculous for Highlands’ offense to keep going 3 and out. No matter how good the Defense is, they will wear down.
  4. Hollingsworth needs to do the old Kyle James rollout with the moving pocket. He’s not real fleet of foot when he drops back and has to run for his life!
  5. How many sacks has Hollingsworth taken this season??? Painful to watch.
  6. Bizzare...X fair catch, free kick...kick no good. O/T on the way.
  7. Let's go Red Colonels...bring home the 6A Championship to NKY!
  8. Is this one of the greatest come back in State Championship history? Congratulations Highlands...I sure had my doubts at the half! Owensboro looked like they were crushing and would score at will in the 2nd half. The Bryan Station, CC and Elder games prepared you for this game. One proud Cake Eater
  9. This was a fun game to watch. Both teams were fairly evenly matched...at least for the 1st half. PC shot themselves in the foot several times on special teams, giving Dayton a short field on more than one occasion. PC's slight depth advantage started to take it's toll in the 2nd half, not to mention a game-ending injury to #4 (Dayton's QB). There was a Life Squad checking the young man out as we left the stadium.
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