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  1. The NFHS has now changed that rule. The umpires will no longer inspect bats and helmets before games. They have put that on the coaches. The umpires will ask that age old question during the pregame coaches meeting: "Is your team legally and properly equipped".
  2. The games were suppose to be played last night, but were cancelled due to the weather. They are going to play tonight at Fern Creek High School. The Junior game is at 5:30 PM with the Senior game around 8:00 PM.
  3. Lisa Pinkston is the new coach at Assumption. She is a former player at U of L and she was also the head of Softball Operations at U of L until she got the job at Assumption.
  4. No link to story, since our paper the Courier-Journal in Louisville does not do short highlight stories on all the games played in our area.
  5. It all came down to the money that Owensboro is willing to give them every time they bid on it.
  6. The gentleman that usually does the poll is in ill health right now and others are trying to pick up the slack. It should be out soon.
  7. If you read the entire job opening it says that they are looking for a Head Freshmen Softball Coach.
  8. No there were 2 others. One that graduated and one that was a sophomore. Also I have heard he had not resigned before the dead period.
  9. Congratulations to Coach Reece and the Greenwood Lady Gators on a truely fantastic season!!!!
  10. I checked the list of schools that belonged this season to the Kentucky Softball Coaches Association and they are: Conner, Covington Latin, Holmes, Lloyd Memorial, Newport Central Catholic, and Ryle.
  11. I heard the umpires were from the 8th region.
  12. I don't know how the 9th Region was picked, but I coach in the 6th Region I voted for my region.
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