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  1. Would Covcath be able to broadcast at Woodford? anyone have any connections?
  2. Either team advancing a slug fest. Covcath advantage, playing seasoned competition.
  3. Any given friday. But woodford opponents averaged RPI vs CC RPI is ----.48 vs .58 respectively. What Im saying is woodford has had a walk in the park thus far, and if they would beat CC that would give them momentum into the finals. If CC wins, just another hard fought game.. who's next? Thinking CovCath 27----WC 21
  4. Woodford Opponents average win loss record-- 4-6 Franklin, and Glasgow skew this record..
  5. Look at strength of schedule. And to validate my point even more the 2 teams skewing woodfords numbers. This far in playoffs it will be close.
  6. Bold post. Woodford has not played anyone except a Glasgow team 10-0. Who else did they play? Average win loss record teams woodford opponents 4-6. Not impressed. Can't wait to see this one. Because it's easy to bully teams that leave their defense on the bus. Covcath 21-14. And one of those 14 will be a busted play.
  7. Kicked this horse down the road long enough, lets move on...Excuses are like elbows we all have them. its history now...
  8. @TheConch I seen total domination. At one point I wondered if the other team got off the bus..
  9. I'm so confused with this post. Everything you mention is Covcath.. Dudes. Stud, etc..
  10. There's talent in every school...walking the halls, playing something else, or not engaged because coaches/teachers/AD choose not to.approach these kids. For some administrators that coach too, that's a supplemental income. The passion may not be there, only waiting for that paycheck. Kids know whos there for them, and there to fatten thier pocket. What I'm generalizing great programs draw kids and kids want to play because the culture promotes team, and belonging. If the system does not promote belonging your athletics fizzle.
  11. I agree. But that is really the only disadvantage for a team actually playing equivalent opposition. Points +/-. I would rather have the experience competing every week for win, instead of bullying one.
  12. Its a pretty fair metric used for seedings, Win/loss and RPI. There are teams that will go 11-0, 10-1, on and on and not play competition until the resurrection day (Third Rd of playoffs) thats where the issue arises. The only issue I see is "scoring" during these games for these teams going 11-0, 10-1. There has been so many games where better teams beat up on not so good teams, and run scores up. That is what skews RPI. That seems to be the only issue I see with the weighted RPI.
  13. Assuming best win out and it scheduled by RPI, Owensboro is my guess.
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