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  1. He will be a huge help this summer for the new PGs.
  2. Miami at 2 Colorado at 11 both were powers long ago. Obviously are still getting plenty of talent but not equating to on field performance.
  3. Sounds like the Top 4 would get byes and the remaining 8 would play each other on the higher seeds home field. I like it, Ky could conceivably have a small chance to make it. Undefeated Teams in non power 5 conferences should get their chance at the Big Boys just like College Basketball.
  4. Obviously KY has been pretty darn Dominant.
  5. Toppin is now the tallest player next season at 6’10
  6. Coach K is probably the GOAT and make me sick to say those words. He has also gotten by with ( A LOT OF CHEATING ) being the Golden Child Program of the NCAA IMO. They Duke get the best brackets come tourney time and get by with so much flopping its sickening. NC and Duke will take huge steps backward without Roy and K so KY needs to seize the opportunity to take control of College Basketball again.
  7. Listening to the Coach on the sideline makes you want to suit up and run through a brick wall.
  8. Kentucky Duke first game of the Season will have some hype come November.
  9. Well we know who probably wins the Title next season.
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