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  1. Problem is CAL is playing his 5 star who isn’t any better then Allen. Allen if he was getting Boston’s minutes might be improving and coming back next season. We all know Boston is gone so CAL should be playing his players that have a chance to improve get experience and come back.
  2. I know all of that. This isn’t Memphis or UMASS. This is the Greatest Program in College Basketball and CAL is starting to show chinks in his armor. I think the game has passed him bye and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better in BBN.
  3. Getting the ship in the right direction IMO would be to keep everyone of them that aren’t seniors. Unfortunately we will have a brand new roster again next year.
  4. NIT has changed their rule for this season. A team with a losing record can make the field. That rule was changed just so KY can get an invite. Whether KY would accept the bid is anyone’s guess.
  5. Listening to Dykes, CAL looking to add 8 new players next season. He already has 4 so their won’t be many players back from this years team. Kentucky out of the power 6 programs is dead last in 2 point % and layup %. They are in bottom 3rd in 3 point % which equals a 8-15 record.
  6. This has just been a crazy year. CAL who is usually a master at pressers is all out of sorts this season. He better get his crap together because another season close to this one will put him squarely on the HOT SEAT.
  7. Cats have no answer for the OLE MISS ZONE.
  8. Because if they were playing good basketball that and a lot of other games this season would be W’s not L’s
  9. Another Terrible loss. Cats don’t play very well as a team and aren’t coached well either.
  10. He will never REF a KY game ever again. His business couldn’t handle another BBN wave.
  11. KY will play South Carolina on March 6th. Cats on Senior Day never lose. GO CATS.
  12. Mintz is in a 2 year work study program. You can almost guarantee he will be back again. Sarr I think goes overseas or maybe the G league or a NBA roster.
  13. This was their first Top 25 win. Crazy it’s Feb 20th. Their are rumblings that KY and Texas may try and make up their game. Colgate is 9-1 and ranked 9th in the NET, they are looking for games and KY may try and play them also.
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