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  1. Belfry better not look past Bell County.
  2. Maybe should have asked should he be on the hot seat. Doubt the AD is worried. He spends all his time trying to get more checkerboards
  3. Thoughts? He is the 15th highest paid Coach. Is Kentucky getting a good return on that investment? He said yesterday after the game KY doesn’t need a Special Teams Coach.
  4. Boyle with a running clock. Rowan will fight hard but doesn’t have the horses.
  5. Not many teams run offense like JC. It’s very hard to simulate in practice and JC is well coached and massive along with great speed. Corbin needs limit the home runs on defense and not give JC easy quick scores. Offensively Corbin needs to eat some clock and finish drives with TDs. Keep the game close into the 2nd half and hope JC gives you some help. This could be a closer game then people think.
  6. Looks like if Ashland shows up ready to play they should advance.
  7. I knew Russell usually plays them every year. I wasn’t sure they had played this season.
  8. Thoughts? Predictions? Don’t know much about Fleming County. I’m not sure Ashland has ever played them either.
  9. Great Defensive game. Hard to beat a very good Russell team twice. Survive and advance.
  10. I totally agree. Ashland has blown everyone out including the Devils but it’s hard to beat a good team twice and Russell was missing some key players including Conley. I also think Ashland is very good but not nearing as good as last season. Russell I think is better then last season and that’s why the 2nd half collapse against the Cats shocked me.
  11. May find out next week. I think Belfry beats either and will be too much for Ashland but have not watched Belfry play this year.
  12. Cats a little sloppy to start. . Special teams were a little weak but I guess that’s to be expected with almost a month off. 7-0 and home field is great. Winning every game by 5 or more TDs worries me. How will they respond in a close game in the 4th.
  13. 47-0 Cats. Pittman last 3 runs all TDs. Has 4 total for the game. 252 yards rushing on 13 carries.
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