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  1. By what I'm reading with the transfers Upike is loaded. lol
  2. Great thread. Somerset Briar Jumpers Ben Simmons - Morehead State, Alex Miller - UPike, Ethan Harper - UPike, Jase Brunner - UK ( Preferred walk-on), Chaz Gilmore - UPike committed, Jaden Gilmore - is deciding between Centre/Hanover last heard, Cam Austin - deciding between Upike/Lindsey Wilson
  3. Sloan just needs to sit back, and enjoy. He'll be getting tons more. Well deserved.
  4. #60 Ben Simmons commits to play D1 football in the Pioneer Conference for Morehead State. Simmons had a lot of offers, and took Morehead State due to academics thou I'm told. It's been posted today via Lake Cumberland Sports. He was a big key for Somerset in they're run game, and made the key block on Mayfield's blitz to give Sheron time to throw the final Touchdown. Congrats to him. Morehead got a good one
  5. I agree, but think LCA in Breathitt Co. spot. Way to early, but I agree with all. Somerset loses 24 seniors, but only a hand full played. They will need lineman and secondary, luckily they're set in those spots. Jumpers will be explosive again, with a lot of weapons returning Sheron, Grundy, Garland and bunch more starters. They can make a legit run. Wayne Co. is the team to watch with Sloan.
  6. I think yes. It had it all of two great teams. Offenses battled, then turnovers. Somerset took control 28-17, to only see Mayfield make a great comeback in the fourth 31-28 with in seconds, to lose it in seconds on a 28 second comeback. This game had it all. Two teams fighting adversity, high powered offenses, then defenses stepped up. They battled for 48 minutes to have it decided on a untimed down. Just crazy, and amazing all in one. Somerset, and Mayfield fans were like balloons. They got filled up with excitement to only get popped all in 28 seconds. Just wow. I also feel the story helps 6 trips to state in 113 years to win they're first one like that.
  7. They're was a lot done on that final play. I watched the back angle, and couldn't believe how lucky the Jumpers were. The RG I believe the Simmons kid picked up the blitz, and turned, and the DE for Mayfield was about 2 yards from hitting Sheron while Harper was losing him, and got popped by Simmons as Sheron released. The offensive line held just enough to get time, and Madden uncovered. Johnson was still cramped up, and stayed on the block. Somerset Offensive line was on point, Sheron was a leader, Madden was the hero. Just a great story year for the Jumpers. Somerset won the trenches.
  8. No they're not the best because Johnson Co. was able to count to 21, and didn't need to count to 100. Lol sorry I couldn't resist.
  9. Johnson Central seniors 8th grade state champions in D1, class 4A state champions. Belfry seniors D2 8th grade state champions, class 3A state champions. Pikeville seniors 8th grade D3 state runner ups (because of worse call I've ever seen in a game) ok one of the worst. Sorry for the reminder Panthers. Somerset seniors 8th grade D3 state semi's lost to Pikeville. Only lost they had all through middle school, class 2A state champions. Mayfield 8th graders D3 state semi finals lost to CAL, class 2A state runner ups. Boyle Co was undefeated in middle school as 8th graders, didn't complete for state, D4 state runner ups. Other senior classes like McLean, OC, Bowling green, South Warren also in state semi's and regionals in middle school as 8th graders and high school Regionals or better. That's some pretty good Senior classes.
  10. What a game. This is why we love this sport. For Mayfield great season, but this was the bunnies year. I was impressed with Somerset's line play. Harper, Johnson, and Simmons were legit lineman, and we'll be seeing them playing on Saturday's, but one more year at the Briar patch for Johnson. Simmons moved well for a big guy, most of the runs went behind him, and heard he's getting offers. Johnson without a doubt one of the best centers in 2A, maybe even state. As for the officials, lets see the clip of the fumble they gave Somerset, then gave back to the Cards. Its football, its part of it. On a side note think about how many Juniors, Sophs, and freshman play, and start for Somerset. District 4 will be crazy next year. Maybe bugs bunny was suited up as a ref for the game, who knows. A win is a win. Until next year that's all folks.
  11. Somerset is very well balanced, and Somerset isn't McCracken. Of course you have to have more then a big line. I was only stating about their size. Somerset and Mayfield are very even with talent speed etc for the exception of size. If you think Mayfield will put 48 on Somerset, then you definitely know nothing about they're defense. They will be the best Mayfield has seen. Either way it will be a great game, and probably a 10 point or less win either way. Somerset offense is loaded, Mayfield offense is loaded, Somerset gets the edge with a better defense, and winning it in the trenches.
  12. Exactly, they're line is huge Johnson 6'3 270, Simmons 6'3 300, Harper 6'2 1/2 290, Cimala 6'2 1/2 240, J. Simmons 6'2 1/2 250 Speaks 6/0 225 being the smallest. Plus they're subs could start about anywhere. They're athletic and quick for big guys, and very strong. The defense is very good, and they will get stops, and are well tested, but can't make error's when coverage is changed like they did first play against Breathitt. If they get stops look for the offense to pound and ground to open up quick passes, and deep ball. Somerset has everything you need to beat Mayfield including speed and talent with physical hard-nosed powerful runners that love too hit and be hit.
  13. Not just this game, but any game. For example everyone said Beechwood, and Danville would be favoured first of season because of who they are. Any class, any school it's that team that's dressing that day not last year, or ten years ago. Coaching I can see being a big tool, but still it's decided by those kids physically and mentally. Good luck to both, but a little more luck to the Jumpers. Lol
  14. This is not the Mayfield team that won all their titles, and this is not the Somerset team that was 0-5 in title games. Too many people get hung up on school names. This is the 2019 Mayfield Cardinals playing the 2019 Somerset Briar Jumpers. That said this is a 50/50 game, but Somerset's huge line, and very good Defense will be the deciding factor. Mayfield's defense isn't the best, and if they don't make stops, and Somerset defense is the best Mayfield has played, and will get some stops, this game can flip real quick. Somerset's run game is very good. If defense gets stops, and Somerset pounds the ball and scores while eating clock. Then yes it could be over early, but expect a slow 1st half, with fireworks in the second half. Jumpers 34-21.
  15. If Somerset beats Mayfield, they would of beat all top four teams already having wins over LCA, Beechwood, and Breathitt. We got the best two teams though I feel Mayfield, Somerset, and LCA are 50/50/50. Lol
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