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  1. The Trinity coaching staff and Coach Beatty did a fantastic job. But you are WRONG calling Male athletes superior. Trinity’s O line was dominating. Ryan Miller, Armon Tucker, Bradley West are fantastic athletes. Kaelan Racculia is 6’ 3” TE Male had to double team in routes, when he wasn’t catching TD’s this season he was blowing D ends off the line ... and he is the punter ... and a highly ranked, future college baseball player who signed to play baseball in FL next year. You don’t think they are athletes? I didn’t see a Male TE with that athleticism? Should we talk about the Trinity D ... they have a few athletes over there too!!!
  2. You don’t see any D1 players on the Trinity O ... tell that to N Hardin.
  3. N Hardin could not stop the Trinity TE Kaelan Racculia. He caught all 5 targets for 98 yards and TD. He also blocked #99 on most running plays and made the UK commit a non factor. Trinity dominated the O line and D line.
  4. I don’t think N Hardin played Ballard High School in Louisville. I think it was a school called Ballard Memorial.
  5. Trinity did win 42-12. Trinity made a couple adjustments at half that opened up the run game. Ballard had a nice game plan to stop the T run in first half. But in the second half Trinity’s O line and D line took over the game.
  6. The Trinity TE #84 catches everything thrown at him.
  7. The Jr class is certainly very strong for Trinity, but we start more than 5 Seniors. TE Racculia, WR Miller, O-Line Suddick, Lewis, Reader, Wessel, D-Line Roberson, Hendrick, Cave, OLB Waggoner. Two TE sets adds Rice and Mata is the place kicker ... all Seniors, all start for Trinity.
  8. Completely untrue statement. Trinity players attempted to shake hands but the students ran into the field. Great example of Fake News.
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