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  1. Yes the Raceland game was a scrimmage and the MOCO varsity only played the first quarter. So really that tells you nothing. Yes we played a average Powell County team but didn't Somerset play a less than average Rock Castle team. So really we don't know what somerset has. What I do know is MOCO is legit and they will find out on Friday.
  2. Josh Wheaton Hudl highlights Vs. Powell Sr. #48 Josh Wheaton Vs. PCHS - Josh Wheaton highlights - Hudl
  3. #48 Josh Wheaton 28 Carries 150 Yards 2 TD I completely agree with you on having enough weapons. The OL needs to come together for this to happen. On to next week Somerset.
  4. I would love to see him go to Marshall. That is my hometown.
  5. Agreed. We played Scott in middle school I know all about the size and skill for sure. But I don't know anything about Frederick Douglass.
  6. It's part of it. We were having trouble finding people to play (Especially JV) But Im new to this re-alignment also so maybe I just don't know what Im talking about. LOL
  7. What everyone is missing is a great coached team that has bought into the process. Ever since Egli took over this football team it has become the talk of the town and the surrounding counties. Why do you think they moved us into a new District. Its not because we suck. Its because no body wants to play us. We are a Wing-T offence and a 3-6-2 Defense. This year we have around 20-25 Seniors that have been playing together since JR.Pro. (3rd Grade) The Offense will be lead by - Senior Fullback #48 Josh Wheaton 312 Carries 1764 Yards 5.5 Avg. 65 Long Td 27 Td - 2 years - After this year he will most likely hold all MCHS Football Rushing Records (yards - Td - Season and Career) Leading the Defense is Senior LB # 31 - Tyler Hamm Total Tackles - 204 Sacks - 2 Tackle for loss - 12 INT - 2 FF- 6 Fum Rec - 2 This is also the last 2 years for Tyler Hamm. This kid is just a little smaller than a typical LB. But he is a Ray Lewis type of player. So there is a little rundown of our team. I'm just so excited to get the season start to just really see if we can hang with the big boys.
  8. Wow.... No love for my Montgomery County Indians. Its cool you all keep sleeping. But no really its going to be very entertaining this year with the shift. Im looking forward to the challenge of Scott and Douglass. We will be in it until the end. #ROLETRIBE
  9. At Montgomery County since Coach Egli came aboard. We have had 100+ for the last 3 years on our roster.
  10. All those choices are awesome. Some great talent for sure. But i have to put a couple in the mix. Josh Wheaton - Montgomery County - #48. After this year he should have every school record for rushing and scoring. And a former player for Montgomery County C.A. Collins from Anderson County. that kid is faster than Grease Lighting.
  11. Tough team. These boys will be ready. Watch out for #48 Josh Wheaton. Nice hard nose runner.
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