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  1. Isn’t that like saying Martins Licis and Halfpor Bjornsson are not the strongest men in the world because not every man competed?
  2. It’s called the high school State powerlifting championship.
  3. CA Collins - One of the best running backs in the state. Waddle or Weddle kid from Indiana - Supposed to be a tremendous WR. William Long - A top 20 lineman in KY and the strongest high schooler in KY. Heck of an off season haul.
  4. Most of them either do or will. Never heard of Baker. Funny he wasn’t mentioned by any of the areas coaches. Talked to coaches from Boyle, Anderson, and Danville. None mentioned Bakers name. Those offers are impressive though.
  5. All 20 are impressive. Top 12 are better than last year. Those top 2 are elite level, just not as much recognition.
  6. 2019 KY Preseason Defensive Lineman Rankings 1) Octavious Oxendine, Sr, North Hardin 2) Darion Dearinger, Jr, Anderson County 3) Austin Collins, Sr, CAL 4) Wilson Kelly, Sr, Boyle County 5) Hosea Knifeley, Sr, Butler 6) Chase Jones, Sr, Glasgow 7) Aiden Moore, Sr, Central 8) Ethan Wine, Sr, Corbin 9) Eli Mathews, Sr, Southern 10) Demetri Scott, Sr, DeSales 11) Vuk Sajlovic, Sr, Simon Kenton 12) Alton Jefferson, Sr, Trinity 13) Braeden Babin, Jr, CAL 14) Romario Warner, Jr, Douglass 15) Logan Parker, Sr, Taylor County 16) Johnathan Stefanopoulos, Sr, Daviess 17) Blake Moody, Sr, Madisonville 18) Denarius Barns, Sr, Hopkinsville 19) Terran Hearn, Sr, Ballard 20) Junior Jones, Sr, Ashland Blazer Logan Parker graduated I was told sooo. Just an FYI
  7. I included all regions when polling. There just aren’t many elite lineman this year in N.KY.
  8. I am retired with all granddaughters so I have nothing but time and a love of football. I was a lineman in college and coaches Hs line. This pole is not my opinion. It was constructed using feedback from over 100 coaches representing over 100 high schools. More importantly I have feedback from 4 NAIA coaches, 1 D2 coach and 2 D1 coaches here in KY. Finally I have feedback from 2 trainers and 2 news organizations. I also used All State selections as well.
  9. 1) John Young, Sr, CAL 2) Walker Parks, Sr, Douglass 3) Dane Jackson, Sr, Mad South 4) Kiyaunta Goodwin, Soph, Holy Cross 5) Jagger Burton, Jr, Douglass 6) Logan Smith, Jr, Corbin 7) Ethan Wolford, Sr, Belfry 8) Alex Collett, Sr, Ballard 9) Parker Bates, Jr, Apollo 10) Blake Watkins, Sr, GRC 11) Nate Stotts, Sr, Male 12) Lucas Jones, Sr, Cov Cath 13) Blake Gossett, Sr, Male 14) William Long, Jr, Hopkinsville 15) Peyton Blackburn, Sr, Shelby Valley 16) Jordan Steele, Jr, Harlan County 17) Jon Nalley, Jr, Daviess County 18) Ryan Stratton, Jr, Anderson County 19) Kobe Burkhart, Jr, Harlan County 20) John Mudd, Jr, Waggoner 21) Andrew Clifton, Sr, Johnson Central 22) Johnathan Blackburn, Jr, Paintsville 23) Jordan Vaughn, Sr, Madisonville 24) Tucker Shelton, Sr, LaRue Co 25) Anthony Johns, Soph, LCA 26) Owen LeMaster, Soph, Johnson Central 27) Drew Johnson, Jr, Somerset 28) Landon Nokes, Soph, Eastern 29) Peyton Saunders, Sr, Scott Co 30) Austin Taylor, Sr, Scott Co
  10. Douglass has the athletes to be ranked but need to show it on the field 1st.
  11. I would like to watch Lex Cath vs Franklin County. Air raid all night. 4A is gonna be fun!
  12. Last years Corbin and Central teams were totally different teams than this years. Most of their major contributors graduated for both teams. Most of Boyle’s are back. Not hard to look at what the teams will have in 2019 and see why I have them that way. Now every year there are teams that do way better or way worse but for the most part we can only go by last year minus graduates plus transfers, injured returns, and star underclassman. Boyle lost some but the bulk of stars are all back. The bulk of talent from Corbin and Central are gone. Not to mention some losses from Central to transfer.
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