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  1. Does anybody remember Troy Coomer? He only made 200 3’s in previous two years at Gallatin and had way deeper range than Ashcraft. Dude was in range as soon as he got off the bus.
  2. I think Rassman is definitely talented enough to play at the next level. He would contribute at d3/NAIA/JUCO levels with possibly looks at a d2 school. Just IMO.
  3. Crazy to think that people were really picking Henry Co. to win this district championship. Goes to show that some people are clueless on here. Why would you pick against a Jon Jones coached team that is the 3-time defending champ of the district, that also has the best player in the district? Because they defeated Gallatin one time this year without one of its best defenders and outside shooters in Hayden Dickerson? The Wildcats proved that they still are kings of the 31st District tonight behind another dominant performance from Jarin Rassman.
  4. Not a lot of talk about Smithers on here. I believe that Smithers is having one of the best statistical seasons that a player can have. Shooting over 46% from 3 and 90% from line averaging nearly 20 PPG. He had some big games against some top competition in the 8th region. I believe he got short-changed because he is only a sophomore, but that shouldnt matter. I am not here to say that one person is better than the other, but I do think that Smithers from Walton deserved to be on the list. Jeremy Davis is also another player who deserves to be on that list, one of main reasons Niece can get space to create is because you cannot give Davis space to shoot.
  5. Jarin Rassman is a special player. He is extremely quick with the ball and will do a couple things tonight where you will say "wow". Somerset's size and length will create some problems for Gallatin but I believe that this will be a competitive game.
  6. You are the person who brought Ryle up? I just said that I watched Bracken play Ryle earlier in the year and gave my analysis on Bracken. Do you think that Bracken is 40 points worse than a Ryle team that has just two more wins than Bracken?
  7. It was the only game I have seen Ryle play as well. Ryle wasnt extremely skilled but played WAYYY harder than Bracken County. Which to me is a sign of better coaching. So I would have a hard time believing that Adam Reed and his 5-13 Polar Bears are the midseason team of the year in the 10th Region. The teams they have beaten have a combined record of 23-45 and have yet to beat a team with a winning record.
  8. I watched Bracken play Ryle earlier in the year and the Polar Bears looked completely unorganized, and were playing very uninspired basketball. Ryle was hustling everywhere, getting every rebound, scoring at will and it turned into a layup line in the second half. I am not impressed with Bracken County.
  9. Gallatin Played Knox Central during Christmas. Knox shot 33 free throws to Gallatin's 11. Knox wins by 5 points.
  10. I may be a little late on this but has anyone heard anything on Powell's injury?
  11. Too many turnovers for WV in the second half led to many fastbreak points for the Indians.
  12. Obviously Ludlow is on a different tier here but I think that Noah Hoffmeister could have a really good year for them
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