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  1. According to digital scout: SK Niece 39 Davis 21 Schwartz 9 Collins: McKnight 27 Vail 18 Hawley 8
  2. I believe Coach Hester was an assistant at Simon Kenton.
  3. That is as good of an angle as you can see. Doesn't look like a foul to me from there
  4. OC is bigger and more physical. GC will need to shoot well to win but I think they have enough guys that can score to pull it out. I think GC will pull away in the 4th and win by 7-10.
  5. Great win for Spencer County. Haven't seen them play this year but it seems like they are clicking at the right time.
  6. Yep, I probably should have asked before weighing in. Either way, both games were called fairly from what I saw (2 qtrs and OT of the first and all of the 2nd) If I implied otherwise - that wasn't what I meant. There will always be calls that people don't like, sometimes several in a row. But as an official I would think you'd conduct yourself in a manner to support the guys out there on the floor.
  7. Gotcha. I couldn't hear a whole lot in that first one over the crowd. Heard some folks riding the crew on the second game. Either way, I think the officials in either game did a fine job in the environment. Both games were top notch last night.
  8. IMO -Officials should support one another. Those guys called plenty last night. Gallatin was at the line 40 times. Not sure what else could have been called.
  9. Congratulations to Gallatin. Good luck to you Friday. Hard earned victory. Still love the Pioneers. Good group of young men. The 3 Seniors Hickey, Krohman, and Lair played their hearts out tonight. Wish they could have got one more W. Underclassmen will be back to the Roy next year with some good experience
  10. I wondered that too. Every thing seemed to happen verrrry slowly. Heck of a shot.
  11. Wow. 5400 Never been to Henry but plan to make the trip tomorrow. Looking forward to it based on what I am hearing.
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