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  1. I have heard that Diskin from Covcath has been offered from Delta State and Thomas More. Also heard that Howard from NCC has been offered from Thomas More and Mt St Joe. I’m sure both of these guys have a few more offers as well as others on the list this is just what I heard talking with local basketball coach.
  2. Conner will be very nice team with Scott and Hicks. NCC will also be very good with top scorers returning including Mullikin, Howard, and Jefferson.
  3. I saw a lot of AAU this summer. That with what I saw last year should lend to a very good 9th region. Really excited to see: Vieth St Henry Scott Conner Greene Covcath Draud Beechwood White Newport Howard NCC Diskin Covcath Vinson Highlands Mullikin NCC Niece SK Cody Lloyd Quantez Callloway Holmes
  4. I didn’t necessarily understand that list either as I know a few kids getting recruited or getting offers from local colleges aren’t even on that list.
  5. NCC should be good - great group back with Mullikin - Howard - Jefferson and Pangallo all returning. I know Eli Howard received offers last week from Thomas More and MSJ.
  6. Not to my knowledge but my information is 2nd hand anyway.
  7. Ron Dawn was named head coach last Monday. This info is from a friend with a kid on team: Ron told team Monday he was HC - job was not opened up is my understanding.
  8. I think NCC and Conner will be in the mix as well. And don’t sleep on St Henry and Holy Cross.
  9. Coach Collopy resigned yesterday after scrimmage to take job at St Cecilia. Spoke to a friend/ Dad of player yesterday - Jim Pangallo is running program until new HC is hired. Side note - this team will be very good. Jefferson, Howard, Pangallo, Iles and Mullikin all return.
  10. I was just saying for this team as well as last year team would have benefited from a bit lighter schedule .... Walton - Roger Bacon - Holy Cross as a group is much more manageable than Belfrey - CAL and Scott from years past. This team doesn’t have much depth for their schedule from years past but this is a really good 1A schedule.
  11. Much more reasonable schedule - no Conner, Belfrey or CAL will help this team.
  12. Great job. I think all games are competitive with exception of St Henry / CovCath. Colonels win that by 20+ I think. I’m going with Newport vs Cooper Final - no reason why - just gut.
  13. Personnel choices have been issue all year for NCC. I went to a dozen or so Breds games this year and; Iles will certainly develop a more well rounded offensive game but right now he is primarily a spot up shooter (a really good one) dependent on others. Pangallo had moments this year but is another season away from being offensive go to guy. Both have a long way to go defensively but are only freshman and considering that had really nice years. Saying that - both of those kids will have to (and will) average double figures next year as well as Howard and Mullikin being at close to 20 a game each for them to be regions top team. Along with Jefferson be the leader and facilitator.
  14. I agree Tigerpride - goes to my thoughts above that wrong guys taking shots and being focal point. Howard would have been on pick and roll with Mullikin every possession down the stretch if it’s me.
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