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  1. The game was tied 7-7 with 2:36 to go in the first half. It was 20-7 at halftime. Penalties and turnovers killed CAL’s chances. They were inside the 15 Yd line 3 times in the game and failed to score. While the lack of discipline was evident in the number of penalty yards (personal fouls), the disparity in the number of flags is glaring considering the number of times the flags were not thrown against DeSales. No doubt the best team won. But the game was MUCH closer than 30-7.
  2. Everyone talks about the running backs and the line at CAL, who are these receivers?
  3. Go back and analyze what happened when Johnson went out of the game.... I hope he’s back quickly, but it should be known that team from Shelbyville had the Shamrocks on the ropes when they were at full strength. Trinity’s big run came after the injury. That coach from Shelbyville made some good adjustments along the way.
  4. What if BGP had a reception/convention area at the state championships? Would people show up?
  5. Much discussion is generated about young men in "skill" positions because they often have the ball. But now that we are down to 24 teams, does anyone care to start a thread that compares the height and weight of the men in the trenches? I'd be curious to see the correlation of winning teams based on size of the O Line... which will naturally lead to a debate of whether or not size matters... (i.e. Mayfield's ability own the line of scrimmage with smaller linemen). For the remaining 24 teams: please share the height and weight of your starting interior linemen. Then compute the average height and weight for comparison. And because they don't get recognized enough, add the boys' names (if the rules allow it).
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