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  1. That's crazy. Wish I could of seen it. Born about 20 years to late lol
  2. I can see the prep school stuff become more important to kids but high school organized sports won't go anywhere.
  3. Well thank you. Didn't know that. So pretty much they was like IMG and played whoever they wanted?
  4. Can someone explain to me why they played in the GCL? Alittle to young to know the reason
  5. Me personally. It'd be a great game. The dislike between both schools is always there.
  6. 6-0 headed into the Paris game is a possibility if they are half as good as last year.
  7. Been a few years but when I played the football field was nothing but a rock lol haven't seen it for awhile. Just wonder if it improved any.
  8. Are they doing anything for the football field/lockeroom since they want to spend money on the basketball side of things?
  9. Bracken moving to 2a. Trouble written all over it.
  10. Talking about longest yard wise or time wise?
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