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  1. False on the Davis account. Let’s be real about the team who was not playing a clean game.
  2. Do they hire a teacher/ coach who can be in the building? I’m sure they will hire the best candidate they can.
  3. Have they contacted coaches? Any names being thrown around?
  4. It’ll be tough to find a coach. A lot of coaches will already be commited to a team in May. It’s asking a lot to have them leave then to hire a staff and all.
  5. His staff will be key to his success. I’ve heard the two tops assistants under Lickert are going to NCC.
  6. From what I’m hearing they have no HC yet. Been turned down a couple times now.
  7. How long has Chad Montgomery been in place? I’ve heard great things about him, but obviously the record doesn’t reflect that.
  8. Small school, not much success lately. Is this the year they can get the paddle from Bellevue?
  9. I believe this is true. There is a posting on the KHSAA website where they are looking for coaches.
  10. Dayton has a nice looking kid. I don’t know his full name but JJ. Kid is working hard and getting stronger.
  11. Interviews have started from what I hear. Big name HC has supposedly applied from NKY.
  12. Really quiet here. Anyone know if interviews are setup or have started?
  13. It’s Schmidtz. Just no announcement.
  14. So the second highest scoring offense is CC history was basic and readable? I would imagine a lot of their opponents would say otherwise. Coach Mason is a great coach. Are they going to hire a coach without a teaching certificate is the question.
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