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  1. Congrats to both teams on a great opening game, never easy to play at noon. Rabe and Deere were great for Coop. Veith, Shea and Bessler were money for the Cru.
  2. You can Dunk in warm-ups until the officials enter the court which is the 15 minute mark. Once the officials enter the court you’re not allowed to dunk.
  3. Three take-always that I saw: 1) Moore proved that he was by far the best player on the court (it wasn’t close). 2) Kind of surprised CCH had Disken guard Moore. It was a total mismatch. I am sure the coaches held some things back (waiting for Sweet 16) and they will put Stocks on him. 3) Green is the best all around player at CCH and has been all year - 20 and 10.
  4. I am not a CCH fan but I again have to give props to Fredrick. His game planning against the top players is incredible. Draud 1/8 for 7 points. I have said it all along Fredrick is the juice!
  5. My buddy coached Starks in AAU basketball, I know for a fact that he recently turned 15. After three years of Camp Fredrick he’s going to be more than anyone can handle. They say he is even better in football!
  6. Master game planner for teams that have a star player.
  7. Highlands is so far from the level of CCH. Highlands learned they have to do more than score to win big games. Fredrick game plan strikes again!
  8. Joe Fredrick is the juice behind the program. Always was and will continue to be. Everyone in ninth region AND at CCH knows it!
  9. 26-20 at half. Coop didn’t score in 3rd. Give Sully some time with this group.
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