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  1. You said yourself it was a jab. Who else would you be “jabbing” besides high school boys who just played a simple basketball game wearing the “win city” shirts.
  2. I won’t ease up. I take offense by calling all these awesome kids losers. Grow up and get a life I really doubt you are a “rival”. Are you still in high school? If not then you shouldn’t putting high schooler down
  3. I would like to add none of these boys are Party goers they are great examples for all their peers Philpot spends his Wednesdays at youth group and will be going on his 3rd mission trip this summer. They ALL have their priorities straight.
  4. They are young boys and they read all this crap posted by adults. They are all winners but they lost a game that seriously could have gone either way...if we would have won I would never rub it in the faces of those boys. Ever
  5. Coop and Jj are both governors scholars. Coop will be going to eastern on a full ride and possibly walk on for basketball. Philpot is a straight A student and will be going to college as a sophomore. He has several colleges interested in him for basketball but has not made his decision. Chase has a scholarship for golf and is going to Midway. No doubt these boys have bright futures ahead of them
  6. So a team is not supposed to play their game even if the other team is inferior?
  7. I have no prediction but if a team empties their bench and wins by 35+ I’m not sure how that’s unsportsmanlike. Go cards!
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