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  1. Big Congrats to Will "The Cadillac" Philpot from your fans in NKY!!!
  2. Everyone one has their own opinion, but both of these players deserved it. No if's' ands or but's about it.
  3. Two different player's with different styles of play. Two different coaches that expect different things out of each one of them. AK can do somethings better than CJ and CJ can do somethings better than AK. The big problem is that people only get a small sample size of games to make their judgement instead of getting to see each of them play in every game. Two great players with different expectations from them by their coaches.
  4. Wrong!!! Just shows you don't know what you are talking about. He broke his nose the weekend before they played Highlands on a Tuesday night. Because he is such a tough kid and competitor he tried to play with it. He had surgery after the Highlands game and the Boone and Cov. Cath. games were his first two games back wearing the protective mask and trying to get acclimated to it. I could only imagine the soap opera that would be going on if this would have happened to CJ God forbid.
  5. He should hire some Cov. Cath folks on this site. They are the best.
  6. Kunkel with 31 points (10-12 FG) 8 rebounds 5 asst Tripp Pittman with 16 points. Career high for him....Congrats Tripp!!!
  7. The only thing that slowed Kunkel down a little was a broken nose and being hampered by having to wear a protective mask until he started getting used to it. Any player whether it be high school, college, or pro would be hampered by it also until they got acclimated to wearing one. By the way, Kunkel is playing at a high level himself. Believe he dropped 32 on Dixie tonight.
  8. So tired of Boone fans always blaming the refs when they lose a game. Boone should have never lost to Ryle with or without Ethan Haynes. I'm sure Boone took them too litely and got beat. Accept it. Learn from it, and move on.
  9. Heard the refs are doing a great job. Letting the kids play instead of calling all of the ticky tack stuff that most of these refs call.
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