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  1. Kale started as an 8th grader at UCHS before transferring to Henderson. He has returned to Union County. Dunford is playing and appears to be improved in several areas of his game.
  2. The sectional rounds will be played locally, only 8 boys and 8 girls teams will make it to Owensboro.
  3. The name of the organization is "Kentucky 2A Championships" no where will you find "state champions". The organization will crown a boys' and girls' basketball Kentucky 2A Champion this winter, just like the All "A" Classic will crown a boys' and girls' basketball All "A" Classic champion this winter. In my opinion there are individuals trying to make it an issue.
  4. The Kentucky 2A Championships will take place this winter at the Owensboro Sportscenter. We are looking forward to a fantastic basketball event, in an excellent venue.
  5. Because there is no point in arguing with you. You have shown your stance, nothing is changing that. Also, honestly your opinion is not important to me or the Kentucky 2A Championships.
  6. The All A started with just the northern Kentucky schools. Within 3 years you will see 95% or better participation in the 2A.
  7. I can't speak for all the "slime-balls" but I can for one. The reasons behind the name, Kentucky 2A Championships has nothing to do with getting in a trademark battle with the KHSAA. If they want to classify sports in this state, they can call them whatever they elect and our group will have no problem with that. We selected the name Kentucky 2A Championships to somewhat separate ourselves from the All A Classic. We don't want to step on the toes of the All A Classic, we wanted people to be able to differentiate between the two. Our only goal is to offer a tournament for the mid-sized schools and kids similar to the All A. I know not everyone is going to agree, but I believe it's great for the kids of the Commonwealth.
  8. No disrespect to McLean but at the time he was there Saban would have been 0-10.
  9. I don't think Boston will leave Union County, but if be does I would hope the decision makers at UC give him a look. He's a young coach who will be a successful head coach.
  10. Hancock County. His brother was very successful as a head coach at Hancock.
  11. Chief doesn't joke, Morris is from a football family and has a good football mind.
  12. Why would the chief not be happy to hear that? Chief hears lots of rumors, rumors don't bother chief. Here's a factual statement to someone who is interested in the job and is likely the best option, the current offensive coordinator.
  13. I'd compare the two of you in the Homer area and at times he needs to take off his blue tinted glasses as well.
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