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  1. Confirmed that Milburn interviewed with TC yesterday - if Maze is still interested, TC has options.
  2. Last heard, Stallworth not considering TC job. Would like to see Coach Fudge come back at AC, helluva Coach.
  3. While this would not surprise me, I would be hesitant to bite on this just yet. This time last year, the big kid from North Hardin and two kids from John Hardin had all but enrolled at TC. The efforts are going to have to be strong, but it will be interesting, and entertaining to say the least, to see the finished product provided by the powers that be.
  4. From what I know, I believe Gatewood has a better chance getting another job within the 5th region than anywhere in Louisville/Jefferson Co. If Sloan stays gone, the Gaines kid goes too.
  5. I'm not concerned with the recruitment of the Gaines kid. I suggest we refrain from bringing him into this because his at-home situation is not ideal, and I honestly feel sorry for the kid. I do believe he has a bright future ahead of him with the level of basketball knowledge he possesses. My mention of the Cox kid and Taco Bell was related to the recruitment of the kid from Green Co. (again, let's refrain from bringing kids names in this if at all possible - only if we're going to speak positive of them) Of course recruiting occurs in most places throughout the state, I'm not oblivious to that. As for my "level of disgust", it's the way TC does it, the third-parties involved (that shouldn't be involved), and then they ask, "Why doesn't anyone like us?". I recall TC Superintendent Cook complaining to KHSAA's Tackett about how Hopinksville had recruited a lot of their players, after TC fell to Hopkinsville last year in the Sweet 16. Pot meet Kettle. You'll note my earlier post was that Goodin should get Mr. Basketball but I predicted he wouldn't, and the ensuing conversation has focused on why he didn't get it. I continue to stand by my comment that Sloan is a better player and will, without a doubt, deserve the Mr. Basketball title next year. I think Sloan is good enough to potentially overcome the Gatewood bias, but that hurdle showed its height last night as Goodin was denied. Per usual this time of year, the prep school talks have begun about Sloan so we'll see. You all can take this where you want and string everything out as you please.
  6. Right here, girdle guy. Your declaration that you're not a TC supporter amuses me, although you search and reply to month-old threads. Yourself and the TC Insider here both know why the Cox kid is no longer an assistant coach - he became a liability and caused TC to come under the most scrutinized investigation, in recent times, by the KHSAA. You can't take a kid from another school to Taco Bell right after a District Tourney game, when word had already spread like wildfire that TC was recruiting the kid. There are pictures. Everyone who is anyone has seen said pictures. At first this was annoying, but you two are making me enjoy this - playing dumb and all. BTW, since I posses "vitriol" for anything TC, they win by 30 tonight against Mason and face Christian County in final four of Sweet 16.
  7. You're a "TC insider" - you know exactly what I am referring to. There is a reason the Cox kid is no longer an "assistant coach" this year - which was a good move by TC, and I applaud.
  8. gridiron guy - Your observation is correct, they repeated as region champs. The mess I speak of was made even more clear last night, and thank you for providing a platform to open up about this more - Quentin Goodin is, in my opinion without a doubt, the best player in the state and holds the most potential as a D-I prospect. That said, he barely received a "honorable mention" last night at the Mr. Basketball Award ceremony. The only, very single, reason Quentin did not get the Mr. Basketball award was because of the mess Taylor County has going on in their system right now. Evidently you're a TC supporter, so you're aware of the mess and you step forward in order to assert a defense for your beloved Taylor County, therefore I won't delve into it much deeper than this - other schools in the 5th and throughout the state, Coaches, school officials, do not like Gatewood; the same goes for the Cox's, Huber's, Haskin's, Noe's, etc. Continue to recruit players, continue to be brought before the KHSAA board, and have your recruited players made eligible, all the while damaging each and every thread of credibility as a school and athletic organization that Taylor County has. If 5th Region Championships is how you measure success, well, then I am truly sorry for you gridiron guy.
  9. I agree with the Embassy Suites option - straight shot in and out of downtown Lex on Newtown Pike. Another option worth considering is the Double Tree off of Richmond Road, but traffic may be a little heavier.
  10. That's a fair assessment of Rafferty, I guess he can be an asset now and then. Again, not trying to disrespect the kid here, just calling it how I see it.
  11. How would this year's Mason County team compare to last year's Hoptown team? TC had Goodin, Sloan, and the Berry kid last year and were outgunned from the start. Berry was athletic, but average at best as a basketball player. This year TC has the Gaines kid who can flat out ball, and the Miller kid whose basketball skills need to be fine-tuned but can body up on any player in the state - a solid defensive presence down low. I intentionally leave the Rafferty kid for TC out because, with all due respect, he is not a factor nor have I ever been impressed by his ability. If Mason puts their best defender on Sloan so he can't shoot, and forces Quentin to do most of the work, TC will be in trouble.
  12. I think it is important, although minimal, that many coaches are sending Mason Co. tape and scouting info on TC. All of the coaches in the 5th, and many throughout the state, dislike Gatewood and want to make sure he doesn't prevail. That said, I think TC still gets past Mason - Goodin and Sloan are too good. Goodin has to have a bad game in order for TC to lose, and well, Sloan, he doesn't know what a bad game is.
  13. I thought the Gaines kid wouldn't be a factor once he was made eligible. I was wrong.
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