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  1. Trey Atkins for Sayre has continually put the ball in the end zone on kick offs. He is averaging near 40 yards per punt too. Not bad for a kid that hadn't seen a football field until 6 weeks ago. Let him go to a kicking camp this summer and who knows how good he will be? Uncle was a place kicker for Auburn.
  2. I am just going what I heard was released in the latest player rankings. I can't even tell which one or if that is correct. Either way, he is special, and I do agree that kids from Kentucky often go overlooked.
  3. When I see Allen, I am always reminded of Darius Miller (and in no way Terrance Jones). Now hear me out. For obvious reasons, they are both great athletes, in the 10th Region, near the river, but there is so much more. I agree that speed is the biggest draw back, but that was the case with Darius. As with Darius, Allen posses great length, and can shoot the ball with the best. He is not as physical as Darius at this point in their careers, but still has a knack for scoring around the rim when you take away the 3. What impresses me more than his scoring, is the way he does the other things- passing, rebounding, involving teammates- much like Darius. Now Darius had better support players, but still very similar. The rankings of players are terrible, but the best barometer we have to judge high school seniors. Even if Allen is not one of the best 50 players in America (and I think he is), I still think UK would be foolish to let this one get away. I think ultimately Allen would be as valuable to UK as Darius was, that is, I don't think UK wins the 2012 title with out him on the team. I am sure many of you agree with that comment, but that is where I see Allen fitting in. He is actually more "smooth as a player, where Darius was almost robotic in his movements. Not as a one and done (not saying he couldn't, but highly unlikely), but as a valuable contributor to the program. Whether he goes there or not, I do think he will have one hell of a college career, and actually may benefit more from going somewhere else (Shelvin Mack, Tavion Hollingsworth, Chris Lofton, etc.). And for us to compare him again to Darius, he better have a great college career Darius set the bar high. Regardless, it will be fun to watch him play this season, unless you are one of those coaches or players trying to stop him from adding to his high light reel against your team.
  4. You talking about Sayre that beat Tates Creek, Henry Clay, Bryan Station, South Laurel, etc. the last couple of years, as watered down. I can't speak for St. Pat, but Sayre outside of 11th isn't exactly watered down. Although, I have not seen them this summer, I know they lost a lot. Maybe they aren't as good, but heard it was a good game with Anderson.
  5. RJ Smith ceremoniously signed to play at Centre College next season (and hopefully 3 more after that)! A great player with tremendous up side. Played some great basketball at Sayre. Congrats to RJ.
  6. Sayre guard Jayden Blanton signs to play at Midway College. Skilled guard, great assist man. Key contributor in Sayre's recent successful run. Good get for Midway. Congrats to Jayden!
  7. I was there for this scrimmage. I watched Sayre a few times last year, and caught Estill some last year. It appeared Sayre lost a lot more from the previous season. Both teams struggled and Sayre was down 2 at half. I left shortly after, when it appeared Sayre played a lot of the young players (and there is not much there). Estill was definitely the better team, but 30 a bit strong. When both teams top 7 playing, it was close (and ugly). Estill will be tough to beat at home this year. Estill has a nice shooting guard #14 and two nice bigs. Sayre had a stud athlete and a nice point guard.
  8. The value of kids moving on to next level or continuing their education is certainly important, especially if they have no other avenue. But I would never talk to my players about playing on the next level, and I have had a few. To me making sure they are pushed to their limits and understand to love the game and have fun are the keys. Wins or losses will come. Playing on the next level will happen if they want it bad enough. However, I think bringing it up and adding undue pressure to kids, high school or younger is not the thing to do. I always tell my guys, make yourself the best high school player you can be. Don't worry about the next level. They will find you. I can also tell you this, having coached in college, most schools offering scholarships are looking for quickens, size, then ability. If you don't have the first two, chance are slim, no matter how many points you score. I don't coach anymore, and maybe things have changed, but surely not that much.
  9. A lot can change between now and October 15, but I wanted to look at some early predictions for next year. Would love some feedback. I have followed the 11th Region for many years and as always it is loaded with talent. Throw in the new Douglass High School and things get even more interesting. Here are my ratings for next season: 1) Scott County- Just too much! Return almost everyone (except Watts- who will be missed). Should be pre season number 1 in the state. 2) LCA- A lot of size. Lose a couple of shooters, still have plenty, but maybe won't matter if you are getting every rebound. Speed still a concern here. 3) Mad Central- Cozart. Nice role players around him as well. Well coached. 4) Lex Cath- Payne. Always in the mix. Give Salsman credit. 5) Bryan Station- Disappointing season, but return possibly best back court. 6) Lafayette- Not sure about this one yet. Dreux nice guard. 7) Dunbar- because why not. Chalk. They will be up there. 8) H. Clay- Keaston Brown, Green and Mitchell. Maybe should be higher. 9) Franklin- Stewart is so tough. Wise always has them prepared for post season. 10) Sayre- Lose great Sr class, but return tough Jr group. Can they repeat? 11) Frankfort- maybe one of more athletic teams in region 12) M. Southern- lose a lot, but Butry always has them tough 13) Woodford- Coach has stepped in and done well replacing Hundley. Could be higher 14) Douglass- ?????? 15) Model- Scarberry one of better coaches. 16) T Creek- Young talent has to prove it. Could be dangerous 17) W Hills- big man (name?) one of top players in region, again could be higher 18) Berea- much improved program, but lost lots of players last 2 years. Thoughts??
  10. I have not heard yet. I have watched a couple of times. I have heard Centre is his leader, but would imagine Transy might be in the mix. Surprised some others have not gotten on board with his recruitment. He is a great young man and will make some college coach very happy.
  11. Sayre senior Jake Duby passed Brad Nahra on the schools all time scoring list last night. Jake entered the game with 1690 pts and Brad (who went on to play at Arizona St) had 1693. Jake who is averaging 22 ppg this year, had 16 in last nights win. What's most impressive is that he has accomplished this in just 3 seasons at Sayre. Congrats to Jake and the Sayre team for a continued outstanding season.
  12. per scoreboard. Duby 32, Goodman 14. Another nice city win for Spartans.
  13. I've watched Sayre a couple of times this year. They competed with Scott Co about as well as anyone, save Lex Cath, and against H Clay it was a 4 pt game with 2 min left. Not sure about W Jess, but Perry Central barely escaped at Lex Cath tournament. I would say they have a very competitive team. It was suggested before the season, they would be top 10 in region. Duby has been all that was advertised and the others around him can play. Station is perhaps not best they have been, but not bad either. Simply put, this was a solid win by Sayer.
  14. Final per scoreboard. Smith 13 Blanton 12 Duby 11 Goodman 10 Spartans playing some good ball lately. Especially impressive with Duby not scoring 30+ points. Could be dangersous come tournament time.
  15. Hard to really pick on Blake Scott. He is a shooter. Thats what he is asked to do. He does it well. They will be good and he will be a big part of that. Not sure what else he needs to do. I guess thats up to his coach. Price kid will be fine. Needs to improve his shot for the next level.
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