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  1. That is correct. It does not happen over night. It's heading in the right direction. HHS is still 5 or 6 big players away. That's also very hard get those type of players.
  2. No, did not misread anything. Watch old film of all QB’s you mention and you’ll see most of the time they had all kinds of time behind the line to relax and have routes developed. That happened only a couple of times this year. HHS for a few consecutive years didn’t have a problem as bad as we had the past 4 years. Any of those Qb’s you mentioned would not of made much of a difference. You take a few bigs away from line and everyone would be talking same smack. It’s a shame That people in the stands can’t see this. As a matter of fact you personally were yelling at th OC!
  3. Please tell us all what a strong QB looks like then. Better yet turn the table and switch QB’s from HHS and CCH. Hats off to CCH defense. They shut down EVERYTHING! Wow! So, what’s left? Oh yeah, blame the QB. Watch the game on Video. You’ll have a new perspective!
  4. When you have high snaps the first read is gone completely. The second read is gone when he begins to scramble or roll out! Now, what do you suggest? Just run wild cat formation with the RB’s? The third read was there with tough throws only at locations the receivers had minimal chance to make a catch! Yes, sometimes the QB makes those throws that look bad on purpose. The combination of bad snaps, couple bad throws/reads, bad routes, wrong routes, no blocking/ lack of speed and just plain giving up on plays. 330 total passing yards and still have problems. You don’t bench anyone and bring in a back up! The short passing game has been there all year!
  5. The defense was fantastic! Want them to stay that way! Need to convert on 3rd downs on offense and keep their “O” off the field. That way there is less chance of injury. Although I did not see one defensive player exhausted. Must be in shape!
  6. HHS 59 plays To LC 96 plays Need to figure out how to even that up and help the defense out!
  7. Imo, the passing is the difference maker! IMO, muddle huddle ( huddy should pound it north and south)
  8. Also HHS QB was there before and after practice! Unfortunately most of receivers were sophomores.
  9. Is that brown thing with 2 white stripes between his belt and numbers the football? If so, there are 2 options. Slow down secure catch maybe fall down or catch and turn up field for a TD! Unfortunately the wrong choice was made. Secure the catch no matter what. The throw could’ve been another 18” up from 50yards away would have been a for sure touch down. Let’s not forget some of these receivers didn’t play varsity last year.The passed 10 years of QB’s at Highlands weren’t perfect and neither were the receivers. I used to see lots of throwing the ball up high and receivers run under,over, stop and jump. In triple coverage. If they screwed it up the very next play they would do it again until they got it right. That gave them confidence.If it has to be perfect to catch we’re in for a long season. All I’m saying is once they do get it down it’s going to be very hard to stop!
  10. 2 more seconds of pass blocking is all they need!!!
  11. I wouldn’t say Cramer looked rusty. It’s more of a timing issue. Receivers have to separate from there defender. That didn’t happen. When they do separate then the timing of the pass blocking sometimes is an issue. There were quite a few balls thrown right on the hands of receivers but the defenders hand was in the middle knocking it out. It’s just timing and speed! On QB sneak how do you get confused from being under center? 2 D lineman blew up the center and stood up our QB, he didn’t stand up. Once they straighten some things out they will be fine.
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