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  1. I can only think that he thought they were up instead of tied there. Would have sealed it.
  2. They'd miss Kratholm. That man-kid could go for 25 a night. Unless he played for Cobra Kai.
  3. Yes....they won and went deep last year....did Spalding get limited touches and attempts last year?
  4. The nature of officiating. When done well, nothing stands out and is notable. You just remember the game.
  5. Did Spalding touch the ball a lot in their championship year......back when they were good?
  6. Trinity is the Cobra Kai dojo, and Szabo is Sensai Creese. You don't question your sensai. Johnny Lawrence didn't question his sensai when he said "Sweep The Leg" did he? Coach Szabo says kick it out and rebound and you do it or it's 100 pushups on your knuckles.
  7. I'm not sure where the crew for the 7th region was from, but I overheard one of them in the bathroom say to another he couldn't believe he had to use the same bathroom as the patrons. Might have been in jest, but might have been dead serious. Pretty funny either way. If he was serious, I don't blame him. All it takes is for one nut job to be upset about a call and you get popped upside your head while having a stand up head visit. If the nut job was less violent, he might still shake you while your going and now your all messy. All bad things.
  8. I thought I'd at least get on record as the first fan in history to LAUD the performance of officiating crew. 7th region semi's last night. Not too many grade school type ticky-tack fouls. Not too many overzealous traveling calls. Not too many "see I'm doing something, validating my presence on the floor" calls. The games had great flow, like a college game.
  9. Stats just in..... Wins ------------------------------------------------- Manual 1 Waggener 0
  10. Ballard also did a nice job of not letting Spalding catch it deep. He didn't get it much, and that is stunning really.
  11. Trinity didn't play that bad of defense imo. Ballard hit many contested shots and continued to execute throughout. When T had to come out of the zone B guards were just too good tonight. Anyone watching tonight could have considered the best 4 players on the floor were wearing white.....if true or not
  12. Spalding passing well so can't double him. Setting em up...throwing lefts in the first to connect with a right in the 2ne
  13. Great half by two teams playing great team ball. Rocks D is solid, but Ballard making plays. Eaves standing out.
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