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  1. This... I believe both schools got a good coach who will stay at their respective schools for a long time. When talking to some Augusta people the other day they were impressed with Kirk and are glad they have someone who will be willing to stay regardless of the future the program may hold. They like people to stay there I guess... I would assume the same could be said for Hinson at his respective school.
  2. Pretty sad to judge a guy who is only in his fourth year as a HC imo....Wasn't like he had the best starting coaching gig.
  3. My God, this thread is worth the price of admission!! Why by the cow when the milk is free? :clap:
  4. The coach may make the difference, but it also comes down to the player wanting to improve on their own individual time. I told my kids that if they wanted to be better at something, they had to go beyond the hour and half practices that they were going to. Just an outsider's perspective.
  5. For some reason I hear Pitino in his Celtics days talking when we are discussing former players..
  6. Neither are half of the players that he coached when he was there!
  7. Speaking of Bulldogs, someone sent me a picture of Tweeter from Danny Weddle about today being the 25th anniversary of the Bulldogs All A Regional Title.
  8. It may cure some hate between Alumni bases, but I don't see it ever happening.
  9. If parents had realistic goals, there would be no conversation. My kids were allowed to do things but I never complained when they sat the bench or complained when they got yelled at. That's the problem--too much helicopter parenting.
  10. I've thought the same thing actually.... Always had thought that this would've been the plan.
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