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  1. Thank you! I think the reason this thread got so bad was because people got tired of hearing Polar Bear fans talk so much about how great Hinson is. The school hasn't had a district title in 17 years and if it doesn't happen this year then it WILL happen next year. So yes I see why they're so excited but calm down. Your squad has 9 losses this year, they aren't the favorite to win and are 1-3 in district play this season. Take a chill pill and drink something other than that Brooksville Kool-Aid. I may have gotten of line at times in this thread but hey that's what happens when I get angry. But at the end of the day I meant no disrespect to to players at all, I know how hard they work to be in these positions. Just wish some of you had other hobbies than to sit on the internet all day and talk about them constantly, do you not have jobs?
  2. So you would be the person that would say Whitney Creech deserves Miss Basketball because she scored the most points and has better stats instead of Erin Boley who has a good chance to be a State Champion and will be attending Notre Dame in the fall.
  3. Kinda confused here, MC now has a new superintendent and 3 new administrators. Things are in the process of being fixed. It was bad for about 3-4 years but this isn't something that can be cured over night. Give it time sheesh.
  4. *Awaits Polar Bear Nation to cry about being ranked that far down*
  5. If I were the player receiving the award because I was simply a senior and knew there were better candidates for the award I'd take it as a slap in the face. :irked:
  6. I just shoot it straight wether they like it or not, I've never cared to be on anyone's :poop: list. It is what it is and they're making Hinson to be the next Jesus or something when in reality without his two wins against big ole Mason County he has nothing.
  7. It sucks that it is a senior award, it should be the best player regardless of age.
  8. Uh oh Rick, they're gonna jump on you again for that one.
  9. From what I heard from people who attended that game, St. Pat should have won. But if you seed this year you have Mason/St. Pat, Augusta/Bracken and people would be complaining more about those matchups than they are these. From the boys side that is. I for one would've wanted to see Bracken/Augusta 1st round just for the story line of Hinson either ending his nephew's career and putting Augusta basketball to rest for some time OR Hinson's old team ends his season.
  10. What were Bailey's stats again against Mason County and in the All A state tournament game again? Can someone refresh my memory on how that went?
  11. Kylie Krammer and Taylor Jolly are both seniors as well as Emily Schultz.
  12. Shows how much you know, Chris Lofton was coached by Kelly Wells. But those teams were arguably the best teams the 10th Region has ever had so far so it was far more than Miller and Lofton. Setty, Middleton, Grutza, Litzinger, Downing, Jones, and many more made those teams so great. Chris and Darius were the X Factor.
  13. POY should be a member off of the Mason Co or Campbell Co team. If I recall correctly the Lady Royals completely shut Bailey down. Crazy what happens when you play good opponents isn't it?
  14. If it weren't for Brent Bach, Jason Hinson would not even be a conversation in this. Good grief.
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