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  1. Male @ St. X for sure. Coach Feldhaus is one of the best in the game.
  2. This explains it all. Nice post. Also to add to that, what many don't remember is that this year's PC senior class lost to Pikeville in a close one at the KBA final four in 2011. The championship game between Pikeville and Holmes was shut down at halftime because of an ineligible player for Pikeville, P-ville blowing them out by 20+. That fact being brought up PRIOR to the title game, which should have been a Pikeville forfeit against Northern and had Northern in the title game. No doubt in my mind the Maroons would have won that one. That technicality left another Pulaski/Somerset area championship in Lexington that day.
  3. I've seen some go to Somerset and some go to Pulaski County. Technically, based on location, it's the Pulaski district.
  4. I've seen LCA, LexCath, EJ Hayes, Jessie Clark (if I remember correctly) out of Lexington play in the state tourney. Farnsley, JCTMS, Noe, Barret, Kammerer, along with other JCPS are all regulars at the middle school state tournament. Then I also understand that most of those middle school players pick and choose where they will attend high school based on certain criteria. Those schools SHOULD be elite at the high school level. That is the true high school advantage for success in those areas of the state, specifically in Louisville.
  5. So your 12 year 364 day old kid guarding a 14 year 1 day old kid (realistically just 1 year apart) is your explanation for this? I would venture to say that every team in the BGP top 10 right now has a hold back.
  6. A lot of the recent transition from Pulaski to Somerset has a lot to do with Coach Cothron taking that job. He was formerly at Northern, so that makes sense. He's a good coach. I expect Somerset to be much better next year.
  7. Pulaski has four contributors who are 2-sport athletes between basketball and football. Hall, Gregory, Helton, & Dobbs.
  8. Northern Pulaski --> Pulaski County Southern Pulaski --> Southwestern Meece --> Somerset
  9. I have to disagree with this comment. Somerset currently has 3 players who played middle school ball at Pulaski. Had 5, but 2 transferred back to Pulaski this season.
  10. Very disappointing end to the Pulaski season. Losing district for the 2nd time in the past 10 years is unacceptable with this roster. They're better than that. The AD needs to reevaluate this situation in my opinion.
  11. Male (6A) - 11 Trinity (6A) - 11 North Laurel (5A) - 7 Ryle (6A) - 6 Boyle County (3A) - 4 Fleming County (3A) - 4 Highlands (5A) - 4 Pulaski County (5A) - 4 Owensboro Catholic (2A) - 3 West Carter (3A) - 3 Belfry (3A) - 2 Franklin County (4A) - 2 Simon Kenton (6A) - 2
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