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  1. Sorry Chargernation disagree Mercy is ahead of Bullitt East. BE biggest challenge is that they will have little to no bench at all. I believe both Butler and Mercy beat East this summer. Also Anderson for Mercy is only a Soph. no Jr.
  2. Just so long as it's not Butler (no class) or Sacred Heart I don't care who wins but would like to see it be Etown or Henderson.
  3. Heard there has been some shake up on the Tigers staff for next year. Big change is on Defensive side of ball anyone have any news on this..
  4. Judy Dyehouse (12th Region) wow this lady gets the finals what a shame. I would think the State would want the best officials however that is not the case. It's a shame that teams work the butt off to get to sweet sixteen and official associations send play politics and send bad officials like this lady. Guess it's a good thing this game wasn't really close so she didn't try and take over the game like she likes too..
  5. Safe maybe but it's not just two picks is it..
  6. Okay who do you have winning the regions. Any upsets it's all for fun. 1st – Murray 2nd – Henderson County 3rd – Owensboro Catholic 4th – Monroe 5th – Marion County 6th – Mercy 7th – Sacred Heart 8th – Anderson County 9th – Notre Dame 10th – Bishop Brossart 11th – Madison Central 12th – Lincoln County 13th – Harlan County 14th – Letcher County Central 15th – Shelby Valley 16th – Ashland Blazer Just my picks see how many I get..
  7. What I ment about next year is they will be very young and will take losses. Let's face it Marion County has been picked to win since for the past three years and now four years and they still haven't. They have all the preasure on them and whoever plays them in the post season has nothing to lose. See what happens if they do have a close game since they have only had one. Should win but hey..
  8. There are some teams I will not watch because the parent yell the whole game from freshman level to varsity.
  9. Great team should win it all this year. Will be in major trouble in the future.
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